Allegiant A320 Sharklets?


Just noticed this on LiveFlight.

The allegiant A320 doesn’t have sharklets on it in LiveFlight but in IF it does.
Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder if we are going to get a no sharklets version?

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IRL the Allegiant A320 with the new livery has sharklets so I don’t expect an a320 without sharklets


Ah it is the new livery which they use IRL. Ok didn’t notice that.

Cameron may have taken the picture during development and before they decided to add sharklets. IDK this is probably wrong


I think it seems quite probable.

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I know for a fact some do have no sharklets because I saw one up close at KJAX with the new livery but I dunno maybe someone took it without the sharklets

Many A320 family aircraft issue. Anyone remember the JetBlue A320 that was displayed with sharklets but never had them? Not to mention the fact that the new Livery 5 on the new A318 displays NO sharklets but has them in the simulator itself.

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They can switch them around at any time, the easy jet aircraft got switched so one got the sharklets and one got them removed.

Pretty sure Cam will add the picture with the sharklets later ;)

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Same story with the Jetstar livery. In the old thumbnail it had sharklets.

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Bet that was sometime in development before they had it finalized or somthing…

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Because of instances where a winglet may be differ in a previous version before the main release of the update, that’s why the testers are never permitted to disclose information regarding an update pre-release. Now folks will have an understanding why beta testing is kept quiet and why photos aren’t generally shared.

Whether a new photo will be taken to replace the one that’s in view for us now has not been determined as of yet. Thanks for pointing this out!