Allegiant A320 New Livery

To celebrate the company’s first firm order from Airbus, they held a competition to decide their new livery, and this is the one that won. It was just recently delivered too. The registration is N246NV. TBH I like it better than the current livery.
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This plane’s a beauty!

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The new livery doesn’t seem that different from the old livery. Much like Qantas 1984 livery to 2007 livery

But to be honest I rather like this livery. Very stylish 👍

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I love the new Allegiant livery! I also like allegiant, because that is my regional airline! :)

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Hate the airline, love the livery!


Looks great. I had no idea they already painted some of their planes.

what aircraft is this cuz I need to know!!!

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The sun on the tail looks nice

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I like the swirl design around the fuselage, much like Thai Airways. Always looks great. And the colour scheme is pretty good.

I would love this so I can start my VA

Wow wow wow! This is a really beautiful livery, it matches the Airbus A320 well. It looks better with sharklets. 😉

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Yeah, They are nice if I was on my phone I would show you one close up

Hmmmm… looks like there’s something missing in the picture…

Love the livery, though!

If FDS brings this beauty to IF, I would literally go crazy, like I’d be that one dude who went crazy as he was watching the new Infinite Flight Global trailer. (can’t find the clip of it)

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Exactly man we have the 757 that is about to be retired time for our airbuses!

Haven’t they had Airbus for a long time?