All your pain in infinite flight

My pain is when you do a long haul, sleep at night then wake up late totally forget that your VNAV is descending, it’s below 10,000 feet and then 260 knots warning occurs. Your sleeping so u don’t know what happening with your alarm shut down and then bang 3 violations are there degraded and back to training server from expert server.


Dont enable VNAV until you wake up. It will save you a lot of violations.


Mine is getting trolled when I’m flying.

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Yes, I agree with this.


Yeah but still u run out of fuel then

Definitely don’t set you VNAV until you wake up, then the worst case is you end up over Iceland

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You can descend in circles, or extend your flight at preflight

You’re supposed to have at least 2 hours reserve fuel.

It’s that I will run out of fuel I put fuel according to simbrief flight planner and if no fuel better listen to “The Fall” from runway 34 in there the plane falls down and that’s what happens when you are with no fuel

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When i do overnight flights I always plan at least 8 hours from the time i go to bed, and then set an alarm about 30 minutes before TOD so i can be awake and ready to enable VNAV when ready.

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Put in extra fuel and you wont run out… Its that simple

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What if the fuel is max?

Get a longer range airplane like the 777 for your route

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I always put 1:30 hours worth of extra fuel

No like from London to New Zealand it takes around 22 hours and like any plane probably doesn’t have the range to fly for so long non stop!

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You can fly the 777-200LR or the A350

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I dont think planes fly that long in real life… Maybe they do idk, always pack extra fuel regardless

Uh no my flight plan is for 40 hours and none of those planes can fly for so long.

Set max fuel, or just plan a stopover somewhere

Yeah but you know what is it anyways what’s your pain in infinite flight guys?

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