All Undeveloped 747 Variants

There’s suprising a lot of them since the 747 was very popular at its time so Boeing had to upgraded MORE

This Trijet is built to compete with the popular DC-10 and L-1011 this tail would be similar looking to the L-1011 and might haul more passengers, range and payload and years later it wasn’t developed since they would rather build the 747-400 instead and it turned very popular later one


These variants are basically the ultra long haul version of the 747-400 and have more passenger compacity since it was stretched longer but many airliners weren’t interests with this. The similar one like there today is called the 747-8 Which its still in services which most are cargo

747 ASB

Sadly there’s no official picture of it


In short is basically the 747SP Version of the Boeing 747-400 as its gonna have longer range

The 747X Might be similar to the A3XX Program (Now A380) which it will have to be stretched longer and will have more range to compete with it but it wasn’t interesting to most people so they switched to the 747-400ER Instead which Qantas ordered it which Retired this year


Last one is the 747X Program was the 747XQLR Why is the name so long which have almost more range the 747-400 and more improvements to noise with the engines which will be more quiet like todays planes (787) and will have wingtips like the 777 and 767-400ER, then again it didn’t make it to the Market.

That’s all for today folks I hope you see more of these


That Trijet thing disturbs me…

Looks like an L1011 with a hump.


Interesting topic! I didn’t know about these other variants.
uncultured lol

Yeah there’s just something not right there

That trijet B747 just look so wrong to me.

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yea I had to agree although I found the 747 ASB more weird


Thanks for sharing this! I can’t wait for the IF development crew to rework the 747s. It’s actually my favorite aircraft to fly here. Happy landings, everybody!

Looks like my (Horrid) VARIG 747ASB was useful for something, other than test the flag concept and show ugliness

Now I know how to get people to behave, show them this. 😛

Great topic with lots of info. I didn’t know about some of these variants, thanks for sharing!

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Oh, there were 2 different 747x programs: the 1st (-500x, -600x &-700x) and the 2nd (747x & 747x Stretch)

One variant missing there is the AAC (Aerial Aircraft Carrier)

oh yea don’t one well at least there’s one video covered it up perfectly idk if I send it to you already The Air Force’s Crazy 747 Aircraft Carrier Concept - YouTube

yeah I obviously saw it

One engine under the wing doesn’t look like it’s enough to taxi 😂

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Remember it still has one engine on the tail

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The tri jet 747? Wow, if that came over me I’d think it’s an L-1011 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Yeah, that still doesn’t seem right 😂
It looks like all the power is in the tail engine lol

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Now what about the DC-10 Twin?

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No thank you

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It actually exists if you know that already