All U.S. Carriers Forced To Suspend Cuba Flights (Except Havana)

Just in about 40 minutes ago, so you’re likely one of the first ones hearing about this.

DOT Elaine Chao:

To further the Administration’s policy of strengthening the economic
consequences to the Cuban regime for its ongoing repression of the Cuban people
and its support for Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, in the foreign policy interests of
the United States, I respectfully request that the Department of Transportation
suspend until further notice all scheduled U.S. carrier flights between the United
States and all airports in Cuba, except José Martí International Airport (HAV) in

Not to get political, but this is rather unfortunate for the (two?) U.S. carriers.

Current Non-Havana to U.S. Flights: (might’ve missed a few)

American Airlines:

From Miami:

  • Santiago De Cuba (SCU)
  • Holguin (HOG)
  • Camaguey (CMW)
  • Santa Clara (SNU)
  • Varadero (VRA)


From Fort Lauderdale:

  • Holguin (HOG)
  • Camaguey (CMW)
  • Santa Clara (SNU)

Honestly was expecting more carriers at secondary Cuban destinations, but I guess the others have consolidated themselves at Havana.

Traveling to Cuba seems like it will continue to become difficult as travel restrictions were placed on Cuba travel earlier this year.

Have any of you been to Cuba and/or planning to fly to Cuba?

Video Summation:


I actually was interested in flying to Cuba one day. Sad to see this


I am not suprised. We have had the same sanctions against the island for the past 60 years, and what has changed? Nothing.

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hehe #I’mCanadianSoICanStayInVaraderoAndSipMartinisInTheBeachWhileWatchingTheUSAMissOut

Jokes aside, it’s too bad they’re forced into it.

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I believe Southwest also flies to Cuba, not sure what destinations.

I think it’s Havana only from FLL/TPA.

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Did Cuba do anything in response
Also, do the airlines have yet to know because I looked up the routes and those routes are still scheduled (not cancelled) with the airlines

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Cuba is on my bucket list, when POTUS Obama started working on relations with Cuba Alaska was beginning service to go, me and my friend booked a trip with Alaska to fly there then POTUS Trump suspended that deal. We’re looking at going via Air Canada to visit in the future


It was just announced about an hour or so ago, so airlines will need a bit of time to remove the flights from their schedules. Highly likely to see them remove it in the OAG updates this Sunday.

Oh, well that’s unfortunate. 😔

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Because the changes go into effect on the 10th of December.

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Whelp, I mean a cab driver does make more than a doctor. So…

December 10th is when the airlines must stop flying the routes. The airlines will need to remove the bookings as soon as possible to avoid confusion and having to re-book passengers elsewhere.

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