All Things Liveries: Edition 1

Hey everyone!

Today I present to you my new series: All Things Liveries. Each week, I will go through the liveries that were changed/updated around the world. I hope you enjoy it!

Without further ado, lets get into Edition 1 of All Things Liveries!

Air Dolomiti

I actually already made a topic on this before I came up with this idea, so I will link it here:

Sun Country

Sun Country recently announced their new livery, and now it has been painted on one of their aircraft.


Wait, What is Sun Country?

Sun Country is a US low cost carrier with headquarters in Eagen, Minnesota. They operate 86 routes in and out of the US. Their fleet consists of the 737-700 and 737-800.

Click on the blue text to learn more about it

Do you have a comparison?

I sure do.

New Livery


Old Livery


Which one is your favourite?

  • New Livery
  • Old Livery

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Lot Polish Airlines

LOT has painted one of their E-175’s in a retro livery from the 1960’s.


What is LOT Polish Airlines?

Lot Polish Airlines is the flag carrier of Poland and one of the worlds oldest airlines still in operation. They are based in Warsaw and were established on 29th December, 1928. Their fleet consists of:
737 MAX 8
E-170, E-175, E-190, E-195

Do you like this livery?

  • Yes
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Tunisair has also painted one of their aircraft in a retro livery. To be specific, a 737-600.


Wait, what is Tunisair?

Tunisair is the flag carrier of Tunisia. They operate to 4 continents and were formed in 1948. Their head office is in Tunis and they are a part of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation. Their fleet consists of:
A319, A320

Do you like this livery?

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  • No

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Well, that is all! What is your favourite livery out of these?

Come back next week for Edition 2 of All Things Liveries! Bye for now!


Great Concept. Keep it up.


I sure will! Thanks for that!

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Sun Country is definitely my favorite.


Hi! Cool thread. I would love for you to include a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) B777-300ER registration AP-BMG painted in the retro livery. A comparison photo would be registration AP-BMS B77W painted in our brand new Euro White livery. This livery has just been introduced and only painted on 2 aircrafts until now.

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The new Sun Country livery is so amazing. I love seeing it.

Great idea! I look forward to many more of these. :)

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Thanks! The Sun Country would have to be my favourite.

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Hey @Amaar_Viqar,

I have had a look at the 2 aircraft that you sugggested and I have decided not to put them in edition 2 for a couple of reasons:

  1. AP-BMG has had the retro livery for more than 2 years
  2. AP-BMS has been painted in the euro white livery since 2017

I am only going to be covering liveries that have been changed in the past couple of weeks.



I like the fact that nearly every aircraft carrier has painted their aircraft in a retro color.


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