All the Diversion reasons

if i am correct, this is all the reasons you could get diverted

  1. low visibility with plane that does not have appr
  2. Winds to high
  3. Fuel
  4. what are the outher ones???

Accident? Any type of failure?


I’m not really sure the point of this post, but yes. Those are all good reasons to divert.


How about in IF

You could also be ordered to divert if the airport is especially busy, and IFATC can’t handle all of the traffic. This isn’t super common, it will only happen at super popular FNFs or the rare featured airport, that often times don’t have a ton of runways


You could also be diverted if your aircraft is too large (or too small, if the airport is not accepting light aircraft).


I don’t think the first one is correct, as long as your plane is able to receive an ILS signal and your airport has an ILS equipped runway you can land. I think you can land in IMC with GPS approaches as well.

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what is that…IMC

Oh, also because there might be an annoying passenger who doesn’t stop singing Whitney Houston songs

Anyone who got that reference?😐

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Airport too busy.

medical emergency, that’s real life tho

Instrument meteorological conditions - in Infinite Flight at least it will be defined as below 3SM visibility

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Most of the time it’s because of high traffic. For example, Tahiti on Monday.

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Well, yes, you can land just with the ILS. But realistically, you typically wouldn’t hand fly an ILS in IMC. But then, it isn’t realistic that an airliner wouldn’t have an APP mode.

Gates full at the destination airport.

Oh, and if you hit “BINGO fuel” you should make the decision to divert or commit to your destination.

Runyway to short, plane taking off (altough usually that wd be a go around) too heavy.

Why would you fly there in the first place? Surely you would know before you takeoff that you’re too large?

Just hold and/or dump fuel

If u cant dump