All the airports I edited in a year

I have been in the Scenery Editing Team for a year. I have done a lot of airports. The following are some of the more beautiful airports I have made.

01  PHLU    Kalaupapa Airport     USA

This is my first airport. In July this year, I remade this airport to make it look more exquisite.

02  ZSYA    Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport    China

This is my first airport in China. Since then, I have been mainly engaged in editing Chinese airports.

03  ZSZS    Zhoushan Putuoshan International Airport     China

This airport is my masterpiece. The appearance and height of each of its buildings are carefully referenced and carefully edited by me.

04  ZGSD    Zhuhai Jinwan Airport    China

The biggest feature of this airport is its unique bridges and air show area. I spent a lot of time designing and building its bridges to bring them closer to reality.

05  Sunan Shuofang International Airport    China

This is my hometown airport and is also the airport I have made fastest. Its terminal has a beautiful roof.

06  ZPPP Kunming Changshui International Airport    China

This is the largest airport I have made. In order to edit the airport smoothly, I even bought a new iPad Air 5 to replace my Android phone.

07  ZGGG    Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport | (Cargo Apron)    China

@FlightGT @black and I are in charge of this airport. I mainly edit the cargo apron.

I don’t think my editing is good-looking.

08  ZJSY    Sanya Phoenix International Airport    China

This is the smoothest airport I have ever done. I don’t think I’m tired of looking at this airport.

09  Mysterious WIP

Guess which airport I am editing now.

Which airport do you think is the best?

  • PHLU
  • ZSYA
  • ZSZS
  • ZGSD
  • ZSWX
  • ZPPP
  • ZGGG Cargo Apron
  • ZJSY
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PS : The editorial team does not accept any requests. Please try to avoid wishing for the airport you want in the comment area.


Woowww!! I can’t believe how many airports you gone through in your year in the IFAET, I feel like I’ve worked quite slowly 😅.

Anyways, hats off to you. I’m very impressed by the amount of detail and craft you put into each airport.


They are all wonderful! Really detailed!

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And then theres me still working on my first. 😪. Need to find time between during flight training and working

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Fantastic work with amazing details! Cheers to another successful year of airport editing! 🤩

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Is the WIP one in China?

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No it seems to be KBFI Boeing Field


You were right! It’s KBFI, Boeing flight test & operation airport. I recognize little white square box and their little store buildings in most remote parking area.


I curious, why don’t you use Checkerboard from Kai Tak airport since it’s a custom buildings too? And similar pattern.



Because the checkerboard is not perpendicular to the ground


okay mister professional i see you 👌

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WOW! KBFI would be awesome! Imagine the Boeing delivery flights we could do!