All stuff is gone.

Ok, on my part I could just be an idiot for not understanding. But I hit restore purchases on the app cause I bought the F-16C and didn’t really like it. Did not know much of restore purchases. So then I deleted and reinstalled the app. All my stuff was gone except for my live subscription. But what I want to is, was my money for what I paid for (787-9 and F-16C) returned to me?


You can ask apple and they could send you something for a refund of app/in app purchases

Restore purchases doesn’t mean refund purchases. It’s a feature used when switching to a new device you can press restore purchases and your previously purchased aircraft/regions will again be available to download.


Hey @Danny_Urbancic,

Well first of all, if you can’t access the 787-9 you’ve bought make sure you downloaded Infinite Flight on the same Apple ID. If you downloaded Infinite Flight on a different Apple ID your In-App Purchases such as your 787-9 will not be transferred; yet your Live account will be because it’s linked to your Facebook or Google account and not your Apple ID.

Also check if you have a stable internet connection. It’s important to have a stable connection when downloading aircraft (and restoring purchases) like your 787-9.

To clarify for you, the “Restore Purchases” button does not give you your money back. It’s used when you downloaded Infinite Flight on a new device and would like to get your In-App purchases on the new device such as the 787-9 that you’ve bought.

If you’d like a refund (getting your money back onto your card) on your F-16C and the 787-9 try contact Apple Support and ask them for a refund. Unfortunately that is the only (and a bit-of-a-pain) way of getting a refund.

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As the others have said, try contacting Apple support. The restore purchase button does not revoke purchased items. Welcome to the community too ;).

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As others have said, refunding a purchase with Apple requires you to contact Apple. This can be done in 2 ways.

Using iTunes
In iTunes. On a Mac/PC, launch iTunes. Click on the tab that says “Purchase History” under the “Account” tab. When you find your IF purchases, click the “Report a Problem” tab, and state you’d like a refund due to dissatisfaction. Apple should respond between 2 days and a week after you submit your request, and this for the most part only works within about 90 days of purchasing the IAP.

On the Internet
This is much simpler – all you have to do is go to, and from there sign in with the Apple ID used to purchase your IAP. When you find it, click the “report a problem” button on the right side of the screen. Again, Apple should respond between 2 days and a week after you submit your request, and this only works within about 90 days of purchasing the IAP.

Note: If you’ve purchased this over 90 days ago, you should contact iTunes Store Support at www.iTunes - Official Apple Support and they should be able to process your refund there, however no guarantees can be made as it is at Apple’s discretion to offer a refund.

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Apple usually won’t unless you payed like 200 on something. But I see what you mean :)

Incorrect. Apple typically reimburses all refund requests. Or at least with my 8+ experiences with them throughout my 5 years being an iOS consumer, that being the item was purchased in the last 90 days (thx for info @N644US)

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Same here, although I’ve experienced that they’ll only refund you if it occurred within the 90-day period after you bought it. Once you’re outside it, you’re on your own.


oh, sry I’m thinking of windows vista

restoring purchases is for when you do not have the stuff you’we got, sometimes your account into a stores “forgot” what you have, clicking in “restore-purcheases” makes a “revalid” credential of that stuff and appears again, what you have to do if you do not have the planes is clicking again in that button…
hope it helps


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