All Runways Green

Good Morning…This is NOT a rant…I’m just curious…Am I the only person who doesn’t like controlling at an airport with multiple runways such as EHAM when the winds are calm and all runways are green? I ask because when all runways are green some pilots dont follow the ATC instructions or flow of traffic because all runways are green (Training Server)?


Hi Jeodaine, in order to determine which runway is in use you must see METAR for wind direction, choose the runway that is most aligned with the wind in order for the aircraft to fly into the wind (Headwind) Lets say we have runway 9, and the wind is 090 @6 gusting up to 12, that is the runway in use as it has a headwind.
Hope this helps, PM me with Inquary’s.
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That’s simply the nature of TS1. The color of the runway hardly dictates their decision of whether or not to land on that specific runway… You just have to ignore them and keep controlling the rest!

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Exactly…I will be doing ground and tower and try to use 2 runways for arrivals and 2 for departures at EHAM and there is always a pilot that uses the runway i chose for departures as a arrival just because it shows green lol