All Replays Deleted After New Update

Device: Samsung S22
Operating system: Android

After the new update all my replays have been deleted, I havent deleted any of them by myself


Hey there!

Sorry to hear about your replays being deleted. Can you confirm that you pressed “Update” on the Play Store when you updated your app, and you didn’t uninstall and reinstall the app instead?

Yes I have updated the sim right after my flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam, I havent deleted the simulator

I still have mine

Here is the proof that I updated

I know I havent deleted any of my replays that I wanted to keep but now theyre all gone, I just did a flight not more than 2 or 3 hours ago and I havent deleted it but after the update it is, including all my other replays

Could you let us know what your device brand & model is and what OS it’s running?

It’s an iPhone 12 mini running iOS 17.0.1

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If theres no solution to this its fine, I could have just gotten unlucky with it, I just found it weird that all the replays got deleted

After updating the app today all my replay files are gone after reopening the Infinite Flight just after finishing updating, I never uninstalled the app at all, the only thing I did was simply update the app. Earlier today all my replay files were there before the update was released. My total app storage is still pretty much the same as the last time I checked yesterday, since I also never uninstalled the app so I’m not sure how they got lost unless if I’m missing any information about anything related to updates and replays in general, is there any way to get them back? There are some cool landings and other flights yet to be seen from a different camera angles especially my latest flight with Virgin Atlantic landing at London Heathrow which had a cool approach as well early today, last time I lost all replays it was because I uninstalled the app but this time i just updated the app without uninstalling so I’m not really sure why. Sometimes I export and save replays but unfortunately if I’m not able to get them back I hadn’t done that yet with most of my flights recently

Here’s 2 screenshots, the 1st one is how the whole logbook looks like now with the file size saying N/A but before the update it was showing and the orange replay button was there as well. The second screenshot I selected replays only which shows none available and all of them are gone:

Does anyone possibly know the exact reason how replays get lost after update? Thanks much appreciated

There was just a topic posted about this. It seems to be a prevalent issue.

Other Replay Issue

Thanks for the report! This is starting to become a little too repetitive for it to be a one-off.

Could you please let us know what your device brand & model is, and what OS it’s running, to help with the investigation?

Yeah this is also happening to me and I’m sure I pressed update
Here’s my device info

Also my app storage is still the same I’ll provide screenshot

Device: Samsung a33 5g
Os: Android 13

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Oh my topic just got merged with this one without realising that there was another topic already, my bad. The device is Samsung S22+ with android 13. Thanks very much

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Looks like other people have this same issue too, some kept their replays while others got theirs deleted, wonder why that is, hopefully a solution soon🙏🏽

I guess it may just be on luck, I remember when 23.1 came out people were having trouble with the ground services but I didn’t and when 23.2 came out, MHPR didn’t load but it loaded for me

Reproduced on an iOS 17.1.2 and Android 13.

All of my loogbook / replays in the ATC before 24.1 disappeared on both devices.

Android: (note that these sessions are replays from today)


However, I have the replays / logbook from 23.3 flights as pilot.

ATC replays (in fact, replays in general) don’t carry over between devices automatically, that may be why you’re not seeing them here. Or did you have ATC sessions from before on your iOS device too?

No, I didn’t had any replay there. But the logbook did appear before today’s update

You’ve filtered the logbook to only show you ATC sessions with replays for that first iOS screenshot, correct?

The filtering takes the intersection of the session type and the replay box. So if you’ve selected ATC sessions and replays, it’ll only show you ATC replays stored on that particular device. If there’s no replay for that session on the device, and you’ve ticked “Replays”, then it won’t be shown at all.

Yeah, I understood. Sorry!

I’ve filtered the logbook, but that has disappeared.

I did filtered my ATC replays on my Android though, and they are gone