All planes in live are set to very high

From this picture

and many more videos of IFFG 3rd anniversary event.

We can see that all planes (including Matt’s) are set to a quality of Very High. Previously (or currently for us) all aircrafts’ quality are set to Low/Medium.

Therefore we have one new confirmed feature! :)


Yay! I did notice this but not in that much depth.

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This may be a PC feature only.


He did say in the comments of one of them.

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Probably edited his videos …

He says, “That’s the PC version, modified to show an unlimited amount of planes and max quality on all. Ran at like 15fps when all planes in view.” No indication from him that he’s done any editing to the picture quality.


Yay! Looks great!

Yep, like people have said above its only for the PC version.

It wasn’t edited because there was a video of it as well…check his instagram for more info. @Belfast_spotter was right it’s for PC. Besides won’t having all planes on high, increase lag and crashes on a handheld device…

Guys, this is not a “confirmed” feature. Please avoid clickbait titles :)


I can still see distortion in the livery, I won’t be so excited yet.

I guess I won’t be playing IF much longer my IPad struggles as it is 😥

There should be an addition where it could say “possible misleading title” like reddit.

Yeah, I noticed that too, but I thought only Matt’s PC would be powerful enough to handle it… I’ve got a three years old iPad 4 D: