All planes have the same Cruise mode Altitude ?

All planes have the same Cruise mode Altitude ? Like Cessna etc

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Could you refine the question a little more, just to help anyone before we try and answer it?

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If I think I know what you are trying to say. No, cruise altitudes will vary depending on the plane.

Cessna’s will generally go no higher than 20-25000ft whereas commercial aircraft cruise in between 29000ft and 43000ft, depending on weight, winds, etc…


Majority Aircraft manufacturer websites house this type of information. You should check them out.

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@duarte14 go onto Wikipedia and search up the aircraft, go to specifications, and you have everything there that you could possibly want in terms of how high they fly, etc…

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Hi, welcome, you’ve come to a good place for advice. The short answer is no, different planes will cruise at different altitudes. Before flying, I would suggest looking on wikipedia or some other general source of information, looking for the “specifications” for your aircraft. This will tell you at least what the “ceiling” (maximum altitude) is for that aircraft, and you will find that some are much lower than others (Cessna 172, for example). Usually you should cruise a little lower than this ceiling, just as a guideline to get started. Also, to avoid getting too close to other pilots, the convention is to use an odd number altitude when flying east (for example 33,000ft), and an even number when flying west (let’s say 34,000ft). There are more complex things to consider, as others have said, but hopefully this is helpful to get started.

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my question is if there was a standard altitude of cruise mode on all planes

I’m not exactly familiar with this cruise mode, however you can set your desired cruising altitude using the ALT control on the AP panel.

Each aircraft will have a different cruising altitude, so no, there’s not a standard cruising altitude for all aircraft.

The Cessna 172 cannot really go above 11,000ft and 10,000 due to pressurisation and airspace in RL.

If you don’t know a specific aircraft, just google it’s cruising altitude and if necessary it’s service ceiling.

I was talking about Cessna’s overall

Well they are all difference and google is tourney best bet. The Cessna 172 is very different to the Cessna Citation.

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