All Pilots United @ KEWR - 061930ZJAN17

UServer: Training

Region: *New York

Airport: KEWR-KJFK

Time: *1930z

*NOTAM As we have started the new year I would like to open the New Year with a big event. We will be flying a mid-haul route between Newark and Kennedy (KEWR-KJFK)

Please when signing up please put the aircraft you will be flying on the day

Aircraft: Any Aircraft any livery


Terminal B

G40 @Liam_purcell Boeing 787-9
G41 @ebukarthur Boeing 777-300ER
G42 @ProMustafaTK Boeing 787-10
G43. @Pandu_Margi Airbus A319
G44. @Thomas_Ralph Boeing 787-9
G45. @FLaviation19 A320
G46. @Any_Games Boeing 787-9
G47 @Jordy A321
G51. @Oscar_Conklin A320
G52. @AppleOneGT 787-10
G53. Binesh_Ashokan 777-300ER
G55 KoolKidRayJ 737-900
G56 Jules_GNINKOUN. 787-8
G57 IFGP_GROUP-Lewis A319
G61 ronniepoo 787

Happy flying and Happy New Year

Liam Purcell


When is it - as in the date?

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6th of January @Wren_Jago I hope I’ve done the title thing correct

Fine tuned it for you :)

Yeah it’s right but it wasn’t there before that’s why I was confused. Good luck with your event unfortunately I am unavailable.

Thanks Joshua

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Thanks Wren

Sign me up for G17 and iwould be flying an emirates 777-300ER

Newark to JFK is not mid-haul… unless you go around the whole map


Yes, KEWR-KJFK will take 10 minutes…

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Hope to see you all there I attend with 787-10

Sign me up. A319

We are going around the whole map

We’re gonna go around the map

Your added

Your added see you there

Sign me up Liam ! B787-9

Sorry to say this but I don’t know Zulu time so can you just make an announcement before the events starts thankyou

Are you in UK?

No Nigeria