All pilots: please download the latest hotfix

Hello. If you want to have ATC at KDFW, please go to your app store and download the hotfix released a few days ago. This will fix the issue.

Thanks and happy flying.


This! This is one of the biggest things! Because the problem is, as more pilots download the hotfix, those who do not will just look like people who are not following ATC or tuning in on purpose and run the risk of being reported as such! From ATC PLEASE download the hotfix it is hard to give service as expected when you do not!


Yeah. It would be helpful if there was a notification about the Hotfix pinned on IFC for a week or so @schyllberg


Generally I would agree, but from I’m seeing - most users reporting issues due to mismatched versions are not on the Community. But we’ll see.

Perhaps we will for 23.3.2.


Of the two I’ve had so far, at least one does (i’ve PMd them as well obviously)

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