All over the place

I’m grade 1, 17 landings so far.
Doing well, approach, establish on the localizer and everything is perfect until touch down.
Than I lose control and I’m all over the runaway before I manage to came in to full stop. It’s very frustrating…!
Any advice guys to improve this, or I just need hours?

This is probably due to a crosswind. Make sure to utilize the rudder as much as possible. Also, you can look at this video:

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Hours dont affect your landing at all! I would implement rudder to stay aligned with the centerline

Could’ve been crosswind.Don’t forget to use the rudder on the bottom right

Make sure to be very smooth on the rudder as sometimes it can be very sensitive!. Make sure if there’s crosswind, seconds before touch down make sure to straighten your aircraft to be in lined with the runway and when touch down. Just minimum movements !

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That’s the thing. Rudder is very sensitive, need to get used to it!
I turned down yaw sensitivity in controls but doesn’t seem to be helpful

Make sure to use the rudder. Although, be very careful. Once I used the rudder for crosswind and actually crashed because my front wheel touched down while it was sideways.

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