All other a/c displaying as 'Unknown' on live

Hi all,

As per the title… After an 18 month sabbatical, I redownloaded and resubscribed yesterday but cannot get other aircraft to display on live. All I see are white squares tagged with ‘Unknown’. I’ve force downloaded every a/c type, turned on downloads over cellular data, turned a/c to Very High, restarted phone, have a strong connection.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Chances are this is related to a connection issue. Can you try disconnecting from your WiFi and loading into a server through your cellular connection?

Thanks Elliott, I actually don’t have WiFi but use a 5G cellular connection - I get around 800 Mbps where i am so would be really confused/surprised if that turned out to be the issue…!

Given everything you’ve already tried, I can only think of re-downloading the app again as a potential solution. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably a good idea to contact IF staff at

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