All on one! (BRU/EBBR) 02/08/2020

Well hello there everyone, I hope you’re all having an amazing day and welcome!

If you came here from my last topic A big surprise at Zaventem! then welcome back!

As I said in my last topic, to start off the month of August I decided to go spotting again, two days in a row in fact!

This time I went to the spotting platform for 01/19 and boy was that an amazing decision. Not too long troughout my session 01 (whick is the runway right in front of the platform) was changed to the departing and landing runway!

I again didn’t come for anything specific but I saw some very nice aircraft.

General information

  • Landing runway: 25L (was changed to 01 not too long after I got there.)
  • Departing runway: 19 (was changed to 01 not too long after I got there.)
  • Camera: Fujifilm X-T2
  • Lens: Fujifilm XF 100-400mm

Now here is the part we’ve all been waiting for, the pictures!

Right as I arrived, I checked FR24 and I immediately scrambeled to get my camera ready for this bad boy! A Western Global Airlines McDonell Douglas MD-11F (N581JN) that’s blasting off from runway 19, bound for Miami International Airport (MIA/KMIA). (It was my first time ever seeing a tri-engined jet)

After that I got to see another big American cargo aircraft that I haven’t seen before, an Amerijet International Boeing 767-300F (N378CX) taking off, with that nice truck tilt, bound for Bangor International Airport (BGR/KBGR).

Next up is another first for me, a 0,7 year old United Airlines Boeing 787-10 (N12010) in the new livery bound for Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD/KIAD).

Note: This is where the runway change happened.

Next up we have another old bird, a DHL Airbus A300-600F (D-AEAL) on takeoff roll, bound for Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ/EDDP).

Next up we have a double shot! The main aircraft in this picture is an AeroLogic Boeing 777F coming in from Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ/EDDP).
Behind that, holding short, we have an Icelandair Boeing 757-200 (TF-ISD) that is headed to Keflavik Airport (KEF/BIKF).

After that I got a very nice Vueling Airbus A320neo (EC-NBA) that came in from Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport (BCN/LEBL).

Now, the moment most people had been waiting for most (including me), this gorgeous Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400F (9V-SFK) coming in from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW/KDFW).

Next up we have this stunning Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 (A6-BLZ) on it’s takeoff roll, outbound to Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH/OMAA).

Next up we have another double! This time, as main aircraft, we have a Royal Air Maroc Cargo Boeing 767-300F (CN-ROW) that came in from Mohammed V International Airport (CMN/GMMN).
Behind that we have an Air Canada Airbus A330-300 (C-GFAH) waiting to depart to Montréal–Trudeau International Airport (YUL/CYUL).

And last but not least, maybe the best double shot yet, the smallest aircraft I saw that day and the biggest both in one picture! This Pilatus PC-12/47E (LX-JFF) that came from Dijon-Longvic Air Base (DIJ/LFSD).
Behind that we have the same Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400F (9V-SFK) from earlier, this time it will be departing to Sharjah Airport (SHJ/OMSJ).

And that is it! I hope you like the pictures and I would love some feedback.

Please do note that the 10-picture limit doesn’t do this session justice as I made almost 5000 photo’s! Let me know which one is your favorite!

If there is anything I can improve upon, please do let me know!

Have a great day and until next time!


Interesting and nice shots!


Amazing photos!

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you, I appreciate it!

Those shots are amazing!

Just a little tip: with your shots, editing can bring you a long way! The quality is amazing, so it will be quite easy, too!

I can give it a shot if you want!

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Thank you very much and I know, some shots could use some brightening up but my laptop can’t really handle photoshop that well, editing one photo can take a long time but sure you can go ahead and edit one or more if you want!

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I’m currently editing a few.

I use PhotoScapeX. It’s on MAC and PC. It’s free and is smooth-running.

I know, the name isn’t appealing like Adobe XXXXXX, but it’s really good! I’ve used it for almost all of my shots.

If you want me to do high-quality edits, you can share a google drive link with me in a PM, as the edits I am doing are with the low-quality discourse pics :)

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I’ll look into it, thanks for the recomendation!

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Here are a few quick edits.

I made some more aggressive than others to show what can be done :)

7f7afb2ebd46fb0f5f48a25bf1d5e8e899b8d8a5_2_830x553 73fa3331986dbf906c9f72171d8ae58540ce1ea2_2_830x553 080425ee334758292912412bbe0c9de2893794f1_2_830x553 8435964fe35133dba48f89ffc17f6ff9c8400e6f_2_830x553 d96af7fd1ea098776e5d92ae8a7d648017e6ec23_2_830x553

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I see, I’ll try doing some of my own sometimes, even if it takes a while on this piece of old technology xD.

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