All of the perks of Live.

I am about to purchase 1 month of Live, but first I just want everyone’s opinions on all of the perks of Live mode. (Please do not list something that is in single mode.)

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Get Live+ for a whole year!

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I want to see how I like it first.

There’s no feeling better than flying with some forum buddies :).

Had my first group live flight tonight. It’s amazing.

I regret not purchasing it last year.


Thanks for sharing!


Do they have private servers, ones that I can get onto with certain people? Or can anyone join?

No private servers-It’s Free Flight, Playground, and Advanced.

Free Flight is for random flights in which you can break all the rules you want. This server is generally empty so if you want a private-ish feeling, this is the place to be.

Playground is the next level up and comes with ATC services. This has some restrictions but it is apparently easy to reach (I’ve had live for 2 days and am 1/2way there). There are rules here though.

Advanced is where the very experienced players fly. I’m not discussing this much because this is a huge jump from PG :).

You can go on a server with anyone you want as long as you plan ahead


Is it like single with only a limited amount of region space or can you go wherever?

You can choose any region you want. You can fly wherever you want in that region.

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Ok! Thanks for answering my questions! I’m going to buy it ASAP!

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No problem, Have fun :)

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Advanced servers are only for serious and experienced pilots. Only handpicked controllers “work” here and they can ghost you if you disobey commands. Generally you need 25,000 XP which is normally about 25h of flight time to join it. Most of the events (e.g. Friday-Night-Fly-In/FNF) take place here too :3

Go onto YouTube and search infinite flight live intro the video helped me a lot when I started on live

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Thanks for the info!

@Toothless my opinion differs completely, I think live is a waste of money. There is virtually no realism and atleast 90% of the people flying and controlling have no regard for anyone else, and no idea about any correct procedures, even the most basic ones. I liken it to airborne Mario Kart.

If you want a realistic experience, live is definitely not it.

If you want to have a bit of a muck around with other people, then live is for you.

For the people who will say, go to the ‘advanced server’ where it’s more realistic, my response to that is instead of 90% having no idea, it’s about 50%.

The only feature I like about live is the automated weather updates. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than manually changing it myself.

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Thanks guys but I’m not one to boast. If ATIS is available I’ll use it but I’m constantly learning just like everyone else.

I’ve never seen any people other than fellow controllers and a few great pilots following ATIS . this is the reason being I don’t select ATIS a lot. I honestly see only a couple who listen to the ATIS before pushback 😞 .