All of the 747s I’ve spotted

Here’s all of the 747s I’ve spotted at KORD


Pure beauty there!

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Not to take away from the photos, but why is there the iPhone toolbar on some of the photos?

because I recorded the planes and I just screenshotted the best angles from my videos

Me who uses Samsung that has a function to take screenshots from the vid without toolbar and stuff

I mean why take a photo when u can record it as well?

Okay, I’d recommend cropping your photos for next time, if you need help with that, I can most definitely assist.

Because I want to be able to go back and hear the beauty that we call “The Queen of The Skies” I just forgot to let the toolbar disappear before taking a screenshot.

Yeah I’ll crop them next time to make them look better

Always amazing seeing 747.
Especially the Lufthansa 747 I would love to see that.

Yeah, I saw that one in June, not that long before Lufthansa stopped bringing the 747 to ORD, now it’s a ton of A350s and the occasional A340. A350s, 777s and A330s are starting to take over ORD and the 747s are only from cargo now.

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I was lucky enough around 2 years ago to catch a bunch of old 747 in ATL. Like the virgin Atlantic and Korean Air song with a Cathay pacific cargo.
I’ve only seen one A350 before. Still great catches you got though

Our home airport gets a lot of 747, happy to have KORD as my home airport!

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747s at CGH wait for it

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I mean once we recived 2 (empty) A330-200s

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Great catch of these beautiful Queens!

Just an advice: crop your images, like @Thunderbolt said.

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