All Nippon Boeing 787-8

Credits: Kelvin Jahae

All Nippon Airways B787-8 Livery Request

The following is a more detailed request for the ANA B787-8 Dreamliner livery to be added to Infinite Flight (Old topic closed). All Nippon Airways is an airline based in Tokyo, Japan. As the largest airline in Japan, it operates a fleet of 225+ planes.

ANA is the launch customer of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner & the largest operator of the B787-8 & B787-9 dreamliners. With around 36 of them currently (and another 36 orders pending), ANA flies the B787-8 to many destinations around the world, with several being:

  • Delhi (VIDP), Mumbai (VABB), Chennai (VOMM)
  • Honolulu (PHNL), San Jose (KSJC), Seattle (KSEA)
  • Naha (ROAH), Fukuoka (RJFF)
  • Mexico City (MMMX)
  • Shanghai (ZSPD)
  • Singapore (WSSS)
  • Hong Kong (VHHH)
  • and many many many more…

The ANA B787-8 (along with the B787-9s & B787-10s) are slowly replacing the current fleet of B777s utilized on many of the routes due to its efficiency. It would be great to have the ANA B787-8 added in-game, as it would not only unlock a lot of scheduled & chartered routes, but would substantially represent the ANA fleet in-game. The B788 is an integral part of the ANA fleet & voting for it to be added would allow countless routes to be flown realistically.

If you’d like to read more about the B787 Dreamliner or ANA, you can check them out by clicking the two links over here →

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Vote for the ANA B787-8 livery!

If you’d like to see the following livery added, smash that big blue button above! Highly appreciate it :D

This isn’t in the game w h a t


More surprising is the fact no one created a topic until now (or at least I didn’t find anything)


There was a topic, but had it closed and unlisted since it did not have enough information of the ANA 788, thereby not much activity on the thread.


Definitely need this for those high-demand routes within East and Southeast Asia.

There are also quite a few other routes that ANA now uses the -8 for due to reduced demand from the pandemic, such as

  • Tokyo - Mexico City, MX (NRT-MEX)
  • Tokyo - San Jose, CA, US (HND-SJC)
  • Tokyo - Seattle, WA, US (HND-SEA)

Having the 787-8 in ANA colors would be amazing as it would open up many new routes in Asia from Japan. I’ll see if I can spare a vote for this one :)

Ps. Thanks for the reference links to my 789 request, would be splendid to see both added one day!


I’d definitely drop a vote for this livery, I’m out of votes! Sorry.

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Wait, are you here to tell me the launch customer of the 787 isn’t included in Infinite Flight? Well…voted!


This aircraft flies to my home airport very often, I can’t replicate those flights, we need more Asian liveries!!



I would like to see it added because it was the first airline in the world to fly the 787-8.


The 787-8 is my favorite from the dreamliner family!, the ANA livery needs to be added 😍


the 787 itself, needs new liveries, I really hope devs can add more in the next update.

they should include this one too, I love ANA livery.

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As the 777-200ER are already retired out of the ANA fleet, the ANA 787-8 will definitely help with realism of Japan domestic flying, and its also a versatile aircraft which is used on international routes as well.


This livery and aircraft are so underrated 🥺, come on people, ANA are not only 777s, the 787 needs love too.

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I think this livery is needed for domestics and international widebody flights in Japan as ANA already retired their 777-200s!


It is now time to invoke the topic to bring the last plane, the OG plane in the ANA Dreamliner series, the one that started it all. Click the blue vote button above!


This is a great point. The 787 can be seen more in domestic flights recently, after ANA started using the 787-8s configured for international flights within Japan. Having the 787-8 in the sim would be such a big leap forward for improving realism!

It’s great that the 787-9 is being included in the development now. Now time for this variant!

ANA’s the largest operator of the 787, and is the launch customer of the 787-8. Its significance is great! I hope I can fly this in the sim in the near future!!


Oh, how do you know the 787-9 livery is included? Yes definitely, the 787-8 is very versatile for ANA so it will be a great add too, especially now that ANA 777-200 are retired!