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Congratulations on your approval. To be honest, I find this thread very scruffy and unorganised.

To be honest, I really don’t care at this point. What matters is that our mission and values are being emphasized here and we look forward to bringing in people together.


I’m not saying anything inappropriate, it’s just my honest opinion (to whoever that flagged my post).

Anyway, as I said before - congratulations on your approval and good luck. It’s nice to have an ANA virtual 😃

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Well, what’s unorganized about this? If you’re gonna go and insult their hard work, surely explain why. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.

Personally, I find this thread fantastic. Wonderful job, @ran - very nice to see what you’ve done here to get a fellow Star Alliance member in the skies!


Thank you @Altaria55! Can’t wait to partner with Avianca, fellow SAV member.

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Welcome to the Community fellow Japanese VA!


Thank you @iJazzyman! Can’t wait to connect Japan along with JVA!


We are sorry to hear your feedback about this thread! If you could reach out to us in PMs and explain why you feel so, it would certainly be helpful feedback for us and will help ensure that our pilots and the IFC can enjoy a great time at our VA.

Best Regards,
ANA Virtual Group Staff Team


Time to move on, thank you 😊

Congrats on being approved ANA!


Good job on getting your approval!

We need an event to celebrate?


Thank you @Marc and @Tsumia!

@Tsumia, we’ve planned an awesome event, which is why we said in an earlier post, stay tuned!

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Nice thread and hope you guys do great!


Thank you so much @anon45500775!!!

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That is a beautiful thread, good luck ANA Virtual!


Thank you so much @Parshava!

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Become part of the ANA Virtual Group family!

Our team looks forward to helping you explore Japan, while keeping a healthy work-life balance! Check out our state-of-the-art website!

When you join the VA, you can skip the wait to join the mainline if you don’t want to fly in the training academy! Along with that, try out our new Version 7 Crew Center!



We are sad to announce the departure of our beloved COO @RTW1230.
@RTW1230 has resigned from our VA today to focus on some personal life aspects, as this is a very important time for him.

We wish him the best of luck for future endeavors!

Open Staff Positions:

With @RTW1230’s departure, this has opened up several spots:

  • COO (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Trainer
  • Editor-In-Chief

If you would like to apply for any of our staff positions, please contact @ran or @ANA_Virtual_Group.
Please give us about 24-48 hours to reply back.

Requirements To Hold Staff Positions:

  • Grade 3 Preferred (Grade 2 can do as well)
  • Minimum TL2 on IFC (Valid and in good standing)
  • Access to Slack
  • High Levels of Maturity (Includes an interview and background check)


We are happy to announce @Everything_Matthew as our new COO! We look forward to working with him to reaching our goals.

While @Everything_Matthew takes the COO position, we do have several staff positions left. Please check above to see which ones are open.

Join the ANA Virtual Group as a pilot today! We are proud to announce that we have applied to join Star Alliance Virtual, and what stands in between us and our partners is that we need at least 10 pilots to join SAV!

We’re reaching that goal, but we need more pilots! Join us and explore Japan never before! Along with flying, try our new systems and help with decisions in our VA!

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Sign up and become a pilot for ANVA! Experience the world through the ANVA.

While you sign up on the form, stay tuned for a huge announcement within the next few days! You don’t want to miss the announcement :)

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We have changed the requirements for becoming a pilot! You now only need to be TL1 to join :)