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ANA Virtual Group is based in Tokyo, Japan and was created on 15th November 2019 by our CEO & Founder, @ran. Our main hub is at Tokyo-Haneda International, while we have 3 other hubs at Tokyo-Narita International, Osaka-Itami International, and Osaka-Kansai International.

While ANA Virtual Group has a smaller fleet size, we believe that less is more. This is one of the reasons as to why we are the biggest airline in Japan and ranked as the #3 best airline in the world!

We have a modern crew center complemented by our state-of-the-art website, which includes our operations, routes, fleet, applications, blog, and much more. Along with that, we use Slack for communications within the VA.

Let’s dive into the 3 new things our VA has initiated:

All Nippon Airways Virtual Group Pilot Acceptance Program
  • All pilot applicants are accepted into our VA regardless of skill (as long as they meet requirements). We train pilots to become better, so we don’t have an entrance exam for joining our VA, but we do have one diagnostic test for our Training Academy. You must pass with an 70% or above to be eligible to join ANA Virtual Group mainline straightaway. More information in our “Training Academy” section.
All Nippon Airways Virtual Group Discussions Program
  • We have a new component called “Discussions”. This is something that hasn’t been implemented in most VAs, but this is how it works: Our staff creates a document every month to discuss any issues within the VA (Feedback from pilots & staff). We discuss how to create a solution for the issues. Once we have found solutions for all the issues, we input it into the document and share it on the ANA Virtual Group Information Base on AirTable. This way, everybody can see the plans and changes we are making in the VA.
All Nippon Airways Virtual Group Wellness Program
  • ANA Virtual Group has a wellness program that stresses the importance of health and well-being before flying. While our group is available for chats to take you away from the everyday stress, we also have a few meetings and talks about the importance of mental stress. We try to bring the authenticity of real-world into ANA Virtual Group. You have to see it for yourself!

Hey there! I am @ran, the CEO and Founder of the amazing ANA Virtual Group.

When we last left off, it was April 2019. The entire operation was run by @Darpan and his team. After Darpan and his team disbanded, I came back with the team that we now have today to create a new branded All Nippon Airways Virtual Group.

I’m proud of my team and how they’ve ensured that everything goes right. They have helped me create a new beginning… moreover, a new dawn that shall be taken in our VA’s history.

Other than that, I guess you have to see the VA for yourself :)

Best Regards,
CEO of ANA Virtual Group & Deputy Chairman of Star Alliance Virtual

Staff Members:

All Nippon Airways Virtual Group Operations Team
All Nippon Airways Virtual Group Management Team

Fleet & Ranks:

All Nippon Airways & ANA Wings Fleet
  • Airbus A321 (ANA)
  • Airbus A380 (Generic/Codeshare)
  • B738 (Generic/Codeshare)
  • B763 (Generic/Codeshare)
  • B772 (ANA)
  • B773 (Generic/Codeshare)
  • B788 (Generic/Codeshare)
  • B789 (Generic/Codeshare)
  • B78X (ANA)
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (ANA)
Peach Aviation & Nippon Cargo
  • Airbus A320 (Peach)
  • B747-8 (Nippon Cargo)
  • B747-200 (Pan American)
  • Cadet (Must Pass Flight Academy)
  • Second Officer (0-10 hours, usually Regionals)
  • First Officer (10-25 hours, usually short-haul)
  • Senior. First Officer (25-75 hours, mostly medium-haul)
  • Captain (75-150 hours, usually long-hauls)
  • Chief Captain (150+ hours, ultra long-hauls)

Our Routes Database shows what routes are flown by a certain rank.

An example is that if we have a route on AirTable that is operated by Senior First Officer, this means the pilots that are above the rank of Senior First Officer are also allowed to operate the flight.


Blue = ANA Virtual Group International
Burgundy = ANA Virtual Group Domestic
Green = ANA Virtual Group Codeshare

Make sure to have a look at our website, information base, and our routes database located at the top of this thread!

The last division of Pan American is back! Under the ownership of ANA Virtual, the branded ANA-Pan Am International Virtual Flight Academy strives to teach pilots to become professional and learn the trade of flying.

And it all starts at our headquarters in… drumroll please… Miami International Airport! We’ll be training in Miami International, Tokyo-Haneda International as well as airports nearby our headquarters. Have the chance to fly the iconic Pan American Boeing 747-200, only in the ANA-Pan Am International Virtual Flight Academy.

If you don’t want to fly in our training academy, you can take a diagnostic test and head in straight for the mainline fleet! More options and flexibility equals to more productivity and pilot fulfillment!

Star Alliance Virtual

ANA Virtual Group is proud to be part of the elite Star Alliance Virtual. However, only once we get 10 pilots shall we have access to all routes in SAV. The world is more connected to SAV and we are happy to explore new countries as well guide others in Japan!

Star Alliance Virtual Member VAs
  • Air India Virtual
  • Avianca Virtual
  • Brussels Airlines Virtual
  • EVA Virtual Corp.
  • NonStop (Lufthansa) Virtual
  • SAS Virtual
  • Singapore Virtual
  • South African Airways Virtual
  • Turkish Virtual Airlines
  • United Virtual

Along with Star Alliance, we have partnered with several VAs in order to bond relations and to explore new places in the world.

Singapore Virtual & ANA Virtual Group Partnership:

Singapore Virtual has partnered with ANA Virtual Group. We have codeshared 45+ routes together, consisting mainly of SVA Cargo and Nippon Cargo, along with a few passenger routes as well!

Join Singapore Virtual here

EVA Virtual Corporation & ANA Virtual Group partnership:

EVA Virtual Corporation is helping us connect the world! Fly with EVA Air in Taiwan in the majestic B787-10, or the elegant A321. Fly to big cities such as Brisbane, San Francisco, Toronto, or fly to relaxing and scenic places, such as Phnom Penh and Seoul.

Join EVA Virtual here

Now that you're at the end of the thread, you might as well apply to fly scenic routes like the one below!

Pilot Requirements

Minimum Grade 2
Minimum TL1 (Valid and in good standing)
Fly at least once a month for ANA Virtual Group
Access to Slack

Staff Requirements

Grade 3 Preferred (Grade 2 can do as well)
Minimum TL1 on IFC (Valid and in good standing)
Access to Slack
High Levels of Maturity (Includes an interview and background check)

ANA Virtual Group Pilot Application

For Staff Positions, Please Contact @ran or @Everything_Matthew.

Please give us 24-48 hours to reply back about your pilot or staff application.

ANA Virtual Group is not affiliated with All Nippon Airways in any way. If you’re looking for All Nippon Airways, please navigate to their website at


Nice thread!! Congrats on certification! 🎉🎉🎉


Thank you so much @anon41771314! Can’t wait to see what the future holds!


We will go far!


Welcome to the community @ANAVirtualGroup! Great to see an ANA virtual!


Thank you @TimShan05! We are glad to part of this community!


I am happy to see ANA in the IFC!

(Of Course, I’m biased) Hahaha!

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Amazing thread guys and congratulations!!


Wow @ran, your VA is approved so fast! I remember when you were looking for VA’s to create (you even asked me).
Well, congratulations and the best of luck in the future🛫🥳


Thank you @Luke_L and @Infinite_Qantas!

@Infinite_Qantas, yes, I remember when I had asked you! Thanks for all of the help in beginning the journey!

Best Regards,


Welcome to Redefined. Welcome to Japan.
A place of wonders, waiting to be explored.

Begin your journey as a pilot, flying modern aircraft ANA, logging cargo hours with NCA, or short-hauls with Peach. It only happens here at ANA Virtual Group, the Inspiration Of Japan.

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Oh, and we could not forget:

Two staff applications are open!

We need an Editor-In-Chief for our blog and social media as well as a Trainer for our Training Academy.

Please PM @RTW1230 or @ran to apply!

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As the last CEO before the older ANA shut down, i’m very excited to see ANA as a Virtual Airline again!


Thank you @Connor! We hope to see your legacy in ANA spread out and bring a positive impact in our VA.

So glad you guys are able to continue where I wasn’t able to! Can’t wait to see this VA around the skies!


Thank you @Darpan! We honestly cannot thank you enough as you had put so much effort!
We hope for the best in your future endeavors!


Haha… we’ll keep it at that due to few changes with codeshares and new routes, etc.

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Congratulations, you are “top”


Thank you @Matheus_Oliveira!

We hope you apply as well!


Experience Japan and Taiwan with our partners at EVA Virtual Corp.

We’re getting closer to the goal to join Star Alliance. Join ANA and EVA today.

Big News Coming Soon!