All Nippon Airways to retire the BB-8 themed Boeing 777-300ER

Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways has announced that they will be retiring the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft painted in the BB-8 livery from Star Wars, as part of their broader retirement of their 777 fleet.

To commemorate sending it off, they will send the jet on a series of domestic flights around Japan on March 31st. The specific routes + callsigns are as follows:


Unfortunately, all four legs are booked up, if not overbooked by now, so we’re out of luck.

The site is in Japanese


Truly an iconic livery. United just retired their Star Wars livery and now this one :(


You know even though it’s booked up I tried to price a multi city itinerary (IAD-HND-OKA-HND-CTS-HND-IAD) to see how much in JPY it would cost?

I would willingly take an absence or three on my school record to say goodbye to BB-8.


My most favorite B777 livery of all time :(

I don’t expect this kind of custom livery to appear in infinite flight.

Sad, This livery always came into Chicago and now it’s getting removed :(

First United and now ANA? :(

What do airlines have against Star Wars?

I say keep it in service for another 50 years

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You gotta be kidding me 💀, I was hoping to see this at ORD on April 5, of course they had to do that

It’s actually what does Star Wars want against airline lol

Star Wars pays the airline a certain amount of money every other period, I guess they want to end it. On ANA’s side, it seems they’re just slowly retiring their 77W’s as a whole and it’s BB8’s turn 😒

BIG SAD 😔 one of my favorite liveries!

Omg now my day has just gone from bad to worse

Caught it in LAX a few days ago:


Today is the sad retirement of one of the most iconic aircraft liveries in aviation.

さようなら 💙

According to @LordWizrak, should only be the livery that’s changing, not the aircraft itself.

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It’s gonna be sad when this livery gets retired :(.

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