All Nippon Airways | IAH-HND | Boeing 777-200ER

Hey IFC!
I don’t fly to IAH often, it’s probably my least favorite of the UA hubs, but I’m glad I still do sometimes. My favorite UA hubs are

  1. DEN
  2. SFO
  3. GUM
  4. EWR
  5. LAX
  6. IAD
  7. ORD
  8. IAH

Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Heavy

Route: Houston George Bush KIAH - Tokyo Haneda RJTT

The photos are here!
Our ride for today, one tasty 777

Climbing out of IAH

Flying over the Colorado rockies

Flying over the Idaho Rockies

Flying over the Cascades

Flying over the Canadian Rockies

Approaching Tokyo

Buttery landing in HND

Takeoff and landing movie, apologies to the glitchy video

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Nice pictures, love the mountains shots🤩

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Wow, great shots mate. Loved wing view #2 over the mountains.

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That landing shot tho