All Nippon Airways Boeing 737 MAX 8

ANA B737 MAX 8

Yes, yes, yes. I know that the 737 MAX 8 has been grounded as of now.
But, I do have to point out that ANA has been unrepresented in the B737 variants. A 737 MAX 8 would be very nice in the ANA livery.

ANA has ordered about 20 B737 MAX 8 planes.

This is a 737-800, but the 737 MAX 8 would be similar with a few differences.

I hope you all vote for this aircraft! Thanks, and have a great day!

Didn’t know they had ordered the MAX, found a rendering of it on a Japanese news website:


Before you add liverys to an aircraft that’s not in the game yet! Why don’t you just vote to make the aircraft first before making livery.

Makes no sense to me

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I mean it would be nice, but we have no 737 rework. It would just make sense to do the ANA 737NG livery.

But his title says 737 Max, plus you can’t get a rework for an aircraft that not even in the game yet. They would have to make a new flight model! :D


  1. There are quite a lot of topics with the 737 MAX 8 liveries. I made this topic, just like how the A359 had so many livery requests as well.

  2. I never asked for a rework. @Alex_L was referring to a B737 rework, not the MAX series.

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I think we need to keep infinite flight realistic. 737 max 8 and 9 are grounded. I believe they will not fly ever. Anyways have a really nice day and keep going forward and play life.

@Mr_yellow, you don’t know whether or not the 737 MAX 8 will be added, so I’d suggest you refrain from answering until unless you are completely sure about this.


I think not. The FAA and Boeing are in the process of getting the MAX re-certified as we speak. It’s a great plane that unfortunately suffered a terrible problem.


I was just saying let’s try and keep infinite flight like real life

@Mr_yellow, We still don’t know… secondly, infinite flight has been about innovating, so of course I’m going to request a 737 MAX whether you like it or not.

The engines appear to be a bit too big for something so small.

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You might want to know how a person say works. I can say something and you don’t to agree.

@Mr_yellow, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I don’t need to agree with anything you said. It’s the B737 MAX 8. Whether or not you like it, I’m not going to change anything, because this is realistic.

Secondly, you may want to refine what you wrote. I can’t understand your text completely.

Third, if you don’t like it, then don’t vote. No need to ask me to remove it.

If your not going to contribute positively, don’t contribute anything at all. Simple respect.

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I was giving my opinion rather you like that or not

I was giving an opinion rather we are off topic

Ok @Mr_yellow, at this point, I don’t need you copying me or @anon41771314. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t.

I don’t need you telling me what to do with my thread. If you don’t like it, then leave it alone.

You’re unnecessarily making comments and clogging up the thread instead of letting others see the beautiful ANA B737 MAX 8.


In my opinion, a 737 max would be nice in the game at this point.
What do you all think?

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