All Nippon Airways B777-300ER “BB-8 Special Livery”

Today I bring you a new livery that I think would look absolutely fabulous in Infinite Flight! ANA added a special livery to one of their B777-300ER’s with a Star Wars themed BB-8

About ANA (All Nippon Airways)

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (全日本空輸株式会社 Zen Nippon Kūyu Kabushiki gaisha, TYO: 9202), also known as Zennikkū (全日空) or ANA, is the largest airline in Japan. Its headquarters are located at Shiodome City Center in the Shiodome area of Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It operates services to both domestic and international destinations and had more than 20,000 employees as of March 2016. In May 2010, ANA’s total passenger traffic was up year-on-year by 7.8%, and its international services grew by 22% to 2.07 million passengers in the first five months of 2010. ANA’s main international hubs are at Narita International Airport outside Tokyo and Kansai International Airport outside Osaka. Its main domestic hubs are at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), Osaka International Airport (Itami), Chūbu Centrair International Airport (near Nagoya), and New Chitose Airport (near Sapporo)

About BB-8

A skittish but loyal astromech, BB-8 accompanied Poe Dameron on many missions for the Resistance, helping keep his X-wing in working order.

Credits go to Wikipedia and StarWars.Com

Why I think this should be added to IF?

I think that this livery would be one that really brings realism to IF. I also think that one one think that Infinite Flight is lacking is Special Liveries. If this was implemented I would fly this a lot when I fly Long Haul ANA Flights!

I looked far and wide for another Feature like this and I could not find one, but if you do find one, please notify me. Thank you!



That thread is over a year old but… I guess let the mods decide


@schyllberg I think you might like this one ;)


I don’t think it’ll be added… Disney 🙃


I hate to say this.
But unless Disney decides to be a bit nice… it won’t happen. (Copyright issues)


Why, does Disney not like to advertise or do they just not like FDS or Infinite Flight?

They like to own their own stuff basically. They don’t license much.


That’s a shame, I love all three Star Wars liveries.


Same here, they could still be added though if Disney allows it

Why doesn’t Infinite Flight make a request? It can’t hurt. (I mean like hey… Just show them Laura’s Instagram account and then show them Liveflight and they will say yes)

Normal ANA B773 would be nice for me:)

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FDS have nothing to lose

The normal one is here

But I have to say that this “BB-8 Special Livery” looks nice