All Nippon Airways Airbus A321 [Sharklets]


All Nippon Airways [ANA]

All Nippon Airways is an airline based in Japan, and they fly to many destinations in the world.

ANA currently operates Ten (10) Airbus A321’s. Six of which are A321neo’s and four of which are standard A321’s. All have Sharklets, which look amazing on the A321.

The Current A321 in Infinite Flight

Currently, the ANA Airbus A321 in Infinite Flight uses the Japanese logo instead of the now normal “ANA” logo on the airplane. The only thing that’ll need to be changed on the current A321 is to re-texture the aircraft in current livery and use the Model with the Sharklets instead of the traditional winglet fence.

ANA is a major airline in Japan, and doesn’t have many liveries in the Game (e.g. A320, 737). Updating the current aircraft shouldn’t really take too long, as it’s just a re-texture and use of the currently existing Airbus A321 model that is in the Game Files.

Aircraft Specifications

The Airbus A321 can hold up to 236 PAX in a One Class configuration or 185 in a Two Class Configuration.

This aicraft is capable of flying up to 3,200nm according to Wikipedia


It would be amazing if the Development Team would update the Current ANA A321 by adding the Sharklets and updating it’s livery to the current one.

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It’s ANA,Best and favorite airline to me.

Have to vote.

They are looking into the airbus market quite a bit and I think this would be a pretty good request.And the new livery would look so much better.
ANA は、素晴らしい


One stunning livery. Would love to see this.