All Nippon Airlines VA

Credit to @Nick_Callum for answering some of @PlaneCrazy 's question s about live
Staff List:
CEO= @A330fan
COO = @zbelle
chairman= @obsidianflyer
Advertiser= @obsidianflyer
Event Organiser @A330fan Website Manager = @zbelle
777-200ER Pilot 1= @obsidianflyer
A321 Pilot 1= @A330fan
All Nippon airlines is run by Myself, @A330fan and @zbelle
this is also basically a no live club. That doesn’t mean that people with live can’t join
Aircraft fleet (so far):
A321-200 ANA livery
777-200ER ANA livery
787-10 ANA livery
Q400 ANA livery
Routes so far:
Singapore is under constuction

Credit to @PlaneCrazy for creating the images
if you want to join or have any questions please contact myself or A330Fan


Doesn’t ANA stand for All Nippon Airways?


Yes it does.

we changed it so it could be different

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ANA stands for ‘All Nippon Airways’ not ‘All National Airways’


That’s what I thought.

we know that!

read @a330fan 's post above

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No need for exclamation points thank you.


Would u like to become our pilot? @hmkane and @Jeffrey1o2

Using an Airline’s livery for something it’s not is unrealistic.


I’m in enough VA’s already. Thank you


For a community ever so based on realism, you’re taking a major risk.

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still. there are fake VA’S and real VA’S. we decided to have a bit of both
@planecrazy @A330fan please explain it to them. I can’t. XD

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There shouldn’t be a “bit of both.” That’s not realistic. What will happen if someone starts an All Nippon Airways VA? Is there then two ANA VAs?

well they can’t. because ANA is already taken
ahh lets stop arguing

That sounds incredibly impractical and confusing for the observer. You’re choosing between using a real life airline or a custom one. There should be no in between.

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I have told @Alan_Perez that to add our VA to the Database

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just wait.we will have a meeting to decide whether to change it.


@Noroftheair I’ve changed the name. Now we can be happy