All Nippon Airlines Boeing 787-9 | Star Alliance JA875A

pic taken by @AndrewWu

so we don’t have any 787 star alliance liveries and I thought this addition would be great to the game since not only we would be having already the normal ANA 787-9, 787-10 (and in a new future hopefully we’ll have the 787-8 since it is already confirmed) but also this ANA 787-9 Star Alliance Livery which looks mad crazy

I have a model of this!

But this counts as a special/temporary livery so you know what that means…


What does it mean exactly? 🙃


yay second vote

I’d want the R2D2 livery first.


Unfortunately the R2D2 would be considered a special livery so would not be allowed.

Oh yeah, we aren’t allowed to request it on the forum. But they should still add it long before they add this boring alliance livery.

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bruh it aint boring, it isnt just as pretty as the R2D2 livery but it is a nice livery

lets goooo third vote lol

4 votes :)

lessgo 5 votes, halfway for 10 :)

bump + let’s go for 10 votes

oop 10 votes already

i take offense that there is oneworld liveries and skyteam liveries but not ONE Star Alliance livery

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vote for it then!!

Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 08.56.52
I want to but i can’t and I dont want to take other votes out yet atm

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bump, vote for it

A nice livery!

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yes indeed

11 votes n bump