All Nippon Airlines A380 flight

All Nippon Airlines, A380-800
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This is your third topic with the “my xxx told me to post this”…


these titles are starting to concern me


I know, it was like a fun trend months ago, but now it’s died off. Like I’m not saying “Your {insert name here} is such a W”.

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Not saying you have to. I am just trying to show my pics from my first flight on the A380

Alright, that’s good and all, but using a more imaginative, creative and original topic title really helps your post’s image.

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But you couldn’t find a good title for the topic? Instead you just resort to a trend you have brought back three times now

There I changed it.


i’m not here to dis you, i like your photos!
it’s okay to use “my [noun] told me to post this”. It’s not outdated, trust me. i still see topics about this.

and? i’m going to have about 8 parts to my missionary trip thing. has something ever inspired you to do something? that’s basically the luggage he saw.

“I’m a IF player, I do not like trends on the forum” is what ur saying

sorry about my yapping though, @Butter575

the luggage is a goat/W, though. it has survived tossing and turning and right areas.

@AmericanB772, that luggage is right

i’m about to pull the best move on you @Butter575

my move

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i’m just joking bros

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Look its mine!

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