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Spirit Virtual Airline

Official Thread


Welcome to the official Spirit Virtual Airline thread!

Welcome to Spirit Virtual, where we strive to provide out pilots with the best and most fun experience they can have, keeping a balance between professional and fun. Between our ranks and our Slack community and even real world pilots, Spirit Virtual is a diverse community of people with a passion to fly, the following will be what we offer at Spirit Virtual and why we think you should be a part of our team.

Spirit Virtual uses a state of the art Crew Center which allows our pilots to bid flight, log flights, send internal “air mail”, view Spirit Virtual pilots that are flying now, and so much more, want to explore our Crew Center and its many features? Join now!.

We have a simple mission,

Our mission as a Virtual Airline in this competitive space is to make an enjoyable, fun, and a safe space

Our staff at Spirit Virtual are a team of professional, hard working team members who are always looking

to make our workspace as enjoyable while maintaining a professional environment.

Spirit Virtual Staff
Patricio A │ Chief Executive Officer
Lukas C │ Chief Operating Officer
Carter C │ Head of Internal Affairs
Eric D │ Chief Pilot
Patrick D │ Event Manager
Jaedon J │ Routes Manager
AGForLife │ Recruiting Manager

Why should you choose us? Here are a couple reasons.

Our diverse ranking system

Our Spirit Rewards program

Our Website

2-3 Events every week

Our Ranking System

Every Pilot will be able to fly every aircraft as a new pilot, this makes our ranking structure a but different, instead of unlocking aircraft at certain ranks, you unlock the ability to fly farther!

All Pilots will begin with the A319, A320, and A321 unlocked

New Pilot - Flights under 1:45 mins

Trainee/Cadet - Flights under 2:15 mins

Second Officer - Flights under 2:45 mins

First Officer - Flights under 3:30 mins - Unlocks codeshares

Senior Firt Officer - Flights under 4:15 hours

Captain - Flights under 5 hours

Training Captain - All length flights

To rank up you will need to fly a certain amount of hours, thus, the more you fly, the longer you can fly.

New Pilot - 0 hours (until you log one flight)

Trainee/Cadet - 0-15 hours

Second Officer - 15-50 hours

First Officer - 50-100 hours

Senior Firt Officer - 100-150 hours

Captain - 150-200 hours

Training Captain - 200+ hours

Spirit Rewards

Spirit Virtual uses a mix of the real world Spirit frequent flier program, along with virtual rewards to make pilots want to push to that next rank or that next reward perk.

Spirit FREE: Unlocked at 10 hours, 1 out of Hub flight permitted per week.
Spirit FREE+: Unlocked at 20 hours and 10,000 miles, 1 no rank restriction flight and 1 out of Hub flight permitted every week with a 1.2x MILES multiplier on every

flight under 700 miles.

Spirit GOLD: Unlocked at 35,000 miles, 1 no rank and no hub flight per week with a 1.3x MILES multiplier on every flight under 700 miles.
Spirit PLATINUM: Unlocked at 75,000 miles, No hub or rank restrictions, 1.15x MILES multiplier on every flight.
Spirit Virtual Website

The Spirit Virtual website is a great place to learn even more about Spirit Virtual, It includes many things like our Fleet, Hubs, and all our routes in the database, you can go to the Spirit Virtual website by clicking here

Spirit Virtual Events

Spirit Virtual hosts 2-3 events every week, most of these events are internal, but there will also be many IFC events such as flyouts and sponsored events.

To join Spirit Virtual you must meet these requirements, it is vital that each pilot maintains a professional attidude while flying for Spirit Virtual.


Grade 3

No reports in the last year

Access to slack

No more than a .45 violations/landing ratio

Not blacklisted/watchlisted from the IFVARB

Able to log 1 flight every month

Spirit Virtual uses 7 main hubs of Spirit…


KFLL - Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Fort Lauderdale is located in Southern Florida and it is Spirit’s biggest hub, with over 40 domestic and international routes it is a powerhouse for Spirit.

KMCO - Orlando International Airport

Orlando International is another Spirit hub located in Florida, with over 35 international and domestic routes, KMCO offers a big range of short and medium haul flight.


KDTW - Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Airport is another big hub for Spirit with over 30 domestic routes, If you choose KDTW you will have lots of very nice short haul flight options.

KORD - Chicago O'Hare

Chicago O’Hare is another big hub for Spirit with lots of short hops mainly used by business travelers.

KDFW - Dallas Fort Worth Airport

One of Spirits biggest hubs, Fort Worth has over 20 routes all across the country and even some flights into Mexico and the Caribbeans.


KACY - Atlantic City Airport

Just off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic City, boasts lots of hops to big and demanding airports for businesses travelers.


KLAS - Las Vegas McCaren International

Las Vegas International is Spirit’s biggest hub in terms of annual passenger transit with over 30 routes, McCaren offers many scenic flight over the Rocky Mountains of the West.

Spirit Virtual 2020

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Looks great! So glad to be a part of this VA!


Looks like a wonderful VA! I hope to fly the skies with your VA in the future.


Wonderful VA. Great thread.


Really proud of this thread lol.

only took me like 3 hours lol


I am really honored to be part of this va as a route manager.


All the staff were anxious about going public. I am proud to be a Recruiting Manager at this VA.


Yeah. lol.


Lovely VA! Amazing thread :)


Well I can’t join I have one report/level 3 violation.


The time will come eventually.


Thread is looking good!


Spirit VA is also hosting an internal flyout from KFLL to any Spirit destination from KFLL

If you are interested in participating in this, feel free to join to attend the event for 2x time!

Spirit Virtual is now sponsoring a fly out from MCO!!

Learn more about it here and join Spirit Virtual for a 2x multiplier on this event!!


Did you know that Spirit’s longest route is to Lima, Peru!!! It is a 5.5hour flight with amazing scenery.


Arent there longer flights? Isnt KHPL-KLAX like 6 hours?

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oops I meant KPHL to KLAX

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Would love to apply!


Here is the link:


Why Us!?

You need more reasons to join us?? Ok then,
Spirit Virtual has over 300 unique destinations in the U.S, Canada, South America and the Caribbeans.
Want to fly these routes??

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