All my purchases are gone

All my Infinite Fought purchases are gone. All the planes and maps that I have unlocked or purchased are now locked. I bought one month of infinite flight live and I cannot access it. I have tried reinstalling the app, logging in and out, and restoring purchases and nothing has worked. I have put a lot of money into this game and have not been able to play since August 15th because of this.

Did you buy it with family sharing?


None of my purchases were bought with family sharing. Family sharing is not even set up.

That is odd. Have you changed your IOS account or restored the purchases? It’d surely help if you searched your confirmation email of your purchases. (You get one for every purchase)

Yes I got receipts for all my purchases. All the airplanes and maps were purchased a while ago and paid for. I bought 1 month of Live on August 15th and the $5 was in fact charged to my credit card.

You can always download and install previous purchases without being billed again. Just be sure to use the same iTunes ID, and that nothing was refunded.
iTunes is weird about this. They act like they are about to charge you, asking for approval, password etc, this is what scares most people away. However if you enter the same account and password and click OK, iTunes will follow up telling you, that you already own it and can download again for free.

I just tried this and it has worked, but what if I am charged for another $5?