All my data gone

Yo what the hell just happened I opened the game and no flight timeimage


Restart the app, check your internet connection. Don’t worry, nothing is lost :)


It is a lag. Click the info button, the app closes, then force close it amd re-open it. It (the data) will be back. Happened to me many times

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Yeah well it came back after signing in and out of the app many times, thankyou very much

Please watch your language on the forums :) as @dush19 said, just restart and make sure you have a stable internet connection.

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I’m sorry but what happened to my language please correct me if I was wrong anywhere

That happened

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I’m sorry but hel* is not a bad word??

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This happened the last time the servers blew up, give it a few minutes. Otherwise, go with @dush19’s plan :)

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Depends on how u look at it

Really? If he had said **** or ****** or *******… ok, but that…😂

@Diyal24 is your Data back now?

Yes thankyou for asking it came back after logging in and out after 5 times…

Thankyou very much

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What do you mean?

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