All my current ANG Pictures

Hey all. Welcome to my second spotting topic. These are all of the ANG spotting pictures I have on my phone, and I decided to share them with you all! All were sent to me by a family member that flies for the USANG

PGUM-RJTA with another KC-135.

A RQ-4 Global Hawk at an unspecified Hawaii military base.

Him filming a B-52H lining up for refueling.

Him filming another KC-135 refueling a B-53H.

Lining up for a formation with a another KC-135.

EA/18G Escort from Guam to Hawaii. (I blurred out his face for privacy reasons).

Picture of the Fighter Jet stands while driving back to debrief.

Thanks for viewing! What was your favorite?

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Great pictures!

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Yeah, thanks for catching that😂

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Also, let me know if I should keep posting topics like these. I think y’all like them, because the last one got like 55 likes.

Number 6 is stunning


Also, all pictures were taken with his Samsung Galaxy S10😂

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6 is by far the best. The blur is everything…

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How? Some of those, especially number 6 are awesome! Great photos, really cool to see some military planes (and drones).

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These are for all those people that say android cameras suck

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I think I’m going to start making more topics like these. They’re fun to make.

These photos look illegal but I know they’re not lol

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All I can find were commercial/charter/general aviation flight rules, so whaddua gonna do🤷🏿. I do have pictures of the flight plan though, and I can be fined big bucks and possibly go to jail if I post those😂

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