All Information about Airports [Request through Here]

Are yo referring to (ATL)?

Sorry Goonchoi a bit late response as its 2:30 am here lol. Nah i was referring to CGK. In real life and IF, my current route has always been WADD - WIII, then vice versa or elsewhere in the world.

Its just that when I boarded an Air Asia A320 upon reaching waypoint ESALA last new year’s eve the approach was really really really low, and the engines were idle! It was practically gliding low along the Jakarta north coast before banking left at VOR DKI, I couldn’t even see the tops of the beachside apartment windows! It was midnight and I knew that there are different rules regarding flying past certain hours - but gliding so low with engines on iddle?. It was a bit tense as I know for sure that this wasn’t the norm. I felt that we were gliding close to or under 1000 feet all the way to the last waypoint (when they rev’d up the engines again) just before final.

So I am just wandering which procedure in the WIII Approach Plate/Charts that they took - that could explain this. Route was WADD-WIII coming in from the west past midnight.

Oh and we landed so hard with sways and hard braking as well :)


Airport Information and departure charts for HESH please!

Coming right up its 12 pages long, do you have a specific approach so I could give you just that particular approach page?

Edit: sorry almost asleep didnt read that properly lol!

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12 Pages is ok

Dang couldnt upload screenshots, i’ll just have to give u the whole pdf now… Is that allowed in the forum?

Cool, but how do i do that lol :D I have it with me

Idk, Ask People

Yes, it is allowed on the forum. Just save the PDF file and just add the file from your storage thing in a reply.

I could paste the file link from my google drive, is that what you meant BC? I can’t find any file upload buttons on my phone.

Dont have people around here at 3 am in the tropics Aly, only ghosts and cochroaches :D

Got the link, here ya go:

Lemme know if it works. Cheers!


Lol, but Thanks!

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You can check here:

Vor DKI, turn left at or above 6000 and then enter Final Cone at 2000ft, well it’s a bit low (but perfect for the final approach), also there aren’t tall buildings around the airport or at final; but what I don’t understand is why a hard brake if they have a long runway! 👀

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Those only provide charts for the US. Many charts and airport info is only available with paid products. So I think this thread should stay

I want to see domestic gates at LTFM.

While we applaud the effort, we are trying to get away from giant threads like this full of information that most people can search for online. Each airport is different and has different needs and depending on the location may or may not have easy access to information. As the thread grows I doubt people will search through a thread and will end up creating a duplicate post for information already posted.

There is also a concern about copyright and sharing of information from paid sources such as Navigraph, etc. If you are a pilot who is interested in taking your flying to the next level perhaps a subscription to one of the many services available or bookmarks to the free information out there may be a better bet.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.