All Information about Airports [Request through Here]

Well, googling it’s a good idea, but people want effective information and is the best way in a simple way, link charts or information, which users require. has available info for almost all airport in the world.


A lot of this information is also available on websites like and It would be better for people to use these websites directly instead of getting others to for them in my opinion.


I know, but people don’t know that so through this topic, they can request for any information.
I mean, its a good topic for people who want specific types of charts or whatever about airports, to give them by linking the chart from people who know about that types of charts…

I don’t get it. Isn’t it better to get all the information immediately by simply googling what you need rather than waiting for a response? For example, I want the metar for OTHH, just type in “OTHH Metar” in google, and you will get all the necessary information needed.

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Look this:

Through this topic we will answer this types of questions!

Yes, but they have all been answered. If people need help they can just look back at those topics to see how to find it!

Well, even so it’s a good idea.
Through here they will get much faster the answer ‘two heads think better than one’

While this is a well-intentioned topic, remember that all one has to do is simply search their airport on Google, and a world of information is available to them.

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The best thing would be if someone put together a wiki page of all the good information sources and how to use them. I would be happy to make that if no one else does.

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Yes, but some of the users, don’t do that, they ask through this community, so this topic will be really useful for them to ask about…

So until someone does, this will be the best option to help and recommend places where to find the question.

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I will get to work on it and hopefully have it posted by next weekend:-)

If you want help, ask me!

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What??? Do you mean gates?

Oh Yes I’m sorry for that, was the corrector. ;)

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I can google easily, I have sorcerer level mastery in searching. Topics, missing persons, etc.

But if there’s another option where I could ask a friend in my favourite forum, and perhaps let everyone else share their experiences in executing a particular airport plate - THEN BY GOLLY I’LL JUMP TO THE CHANCE :) I bet we’ll get exciting discussions!

Proper approaches to following charts/plates are also my fav subject for discussion and sharing :)

Afterall, this is IF, a strong community based sim, not some xxxxxxxxx simulator where everybody are interacting with a dead object.

Okay I guess I’ll shoot first. Does anybody have experience approaching the world’s 18th busiest airport: WIII, approaching from East after midnight?


Cheers all! :)

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Just a bit!

Are yo referring to (ATL)?

Sorry Goonchoi a bit late response as its 2:30 am here lol. Nah i was referring to CGK. In real life and IF, my current route has always been WADD - WIII, then vice versa or elsewhere in the world.

Its just that when I boarded an Air Asia A320 upon reaching waypoint ESALA last new year’s eve the approach was really really really low, and the engines were idle! It was practically gliding low along the Jakarta north coast before banking left at VOR DKI, I couldn’t even see the tops of the beachside apartment windows! It was midnight and I knew that there are different rules regarding flying past certain hours - but gliding so low with engines on iddle?. It was a bit tense as I know for sure that this wasn’t the norm. I felt that we were gliding close to or under 1000 feet all the way to the last waypoint (when they rev’d up the engines again) just before final.

So I am just wandering which procedure in the WIII Approach Plate/Charts that they took - that could explain this. Route was WADD-WIII coming in from the west past midnight.

Oh and we landed so hard with sways and hard braking as well :)