All Features Coming to INFINTE FLIGHT 20.1 Update!

Hey IFC!

Today I want to share with you guys a video I created that shows every Feature coming to the 20.1 update.

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Airlines: American Airlines, Air France, British Airways, Delta Airlines, TAAG, Ukrainian International and Varig
Server: Solo

Here is the Video’s Link! ⬇️

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Are they updating the 77F, 77LR, and the 773?

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They will in later updates. Right now it’s just the 200ER.


I’m not sure how to react… I sorta lost hype

How about more regions for non pro subscriptions

Why? I don’t get it…

He means more boxes for solo flying!

Why though?

Nothing has been said of it yet. Not sure if they will add any more anytime soon. I’ve lost access to some regions before.

If you consider all the other features that they’ve been pumping out then I have no idea how you could possibly have lost hype!

I fly with FDXVA and I was excited for the 77F. But I rarely use the 772

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Still a lot of awesome features to enjoy :)

The taxi charts and doors look nice…

Singapore used to be free untill global update. I wish they could return that scenery along with a few others. I dont have the money every month for pro

Oh, I didn’t know that.

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Hey everyone, don’t forget to check out the video!
It covers everything about the 20.1 update! 😄

Is it what you think will come with the update or official announcement from the development team ?. The last time I checked they said we should disregard any statement not from the development team. I would rather wait for an official announcement from infinite flight LLC. Thank you.

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The cirrus cloud is not coming is this update?

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This is becoming a place for speculation/money/debate chitter chatter, please don’t talk about anything coming/requesting in 20.1, just appreciate what you have, and if we keep this up, it’ll get flagged and @IF-EGYPT_YT’s amazing video will be ignored.


As of @First_Officer_Lee you should’ve followed the Update 20.1 Development Thread , before typing “…” and being in a state of confusion. Stay safe!

Happy flying! 👨‍✈️

Ace out! ✌️


A330 should have different engine types

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