All-electric flying taxis set to launch in New Zealand

Google co-founder Larry Page has unveiled plans to start a commercial flying taxi service in New Zealand. Page invested in flying car start up Kitty Hawk which has designed the all electric prototype Cora. The New Zealand government are supporting the venture to make the flying taxi a reality as it fits in with their plans for the country to have net zero emissions by 2050.

Source: MSN


Isn’t the airplane already a taxi? It takes you from place to place and you have to pay for it XD


Your a little late to the party as this came out a couple days ago But its very interesting to see where this leads!

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Yaaay another way to get stuck in traffic

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Nobody posted anything like this so I wanted to inform our fellow members:)


Wow!! That’s great When do they plan to release it?

I think they said 2020, but that may be a streach

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Ooh, exciting, also New Zealand! Maybe I could get a chance to see these one day

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My personal opinion is that is will be very hard to control the traffic. There are quite a lot of crashes on the roads right now, hard to imagine what will be in the sky. Back to the 1970?🤷🏼‍♂️

Saw this on you tube. Pretty interesting. I guess “flying taxiis” will actually have to be put on the market by private companies before actual flights can be conducted and let’s not even talk about the safety check up they have to run before they can even release it public. Thanks for sharing

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I wonder how long it takes to actually get airborne from picking up a passenger 🤔

Boo not a fan. Just gonna let you know here and now. They are not aviators, and this “flying car” is not considered anything on the aviation spectrum imo.

Well it fly’s so I reckon it is in the “aviation spectrum”

I’m interested to see how they get a license for this. Driving license+PPL?

Probaly be automated by the time it’s becomes public .

New Zealand is one of the most car reliant nations in the world so this suites.

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