ALL Edited Global Airports - Google Earth Plot - NOW COMPLETE

I will be posting where we are here via a Google Earth Plot


This link will CHANGE each time I publish the latest version. The link above is the ‘current’ safe source.

RED Airports = Military
YELLOW = A380 (Click on airport to see list of liveries)
ORANGE = +10,000ft runway (Click on airport to see list of liveries)
GREEN Airports = Passenger (Click on airport to see list of liveries)
BLUE Airports - General Aviation
BLACK = Completed waiting for me to add details

Size of Icon is relative to runway length

To see this you MUST download the file to YOUR device and view in GOOGLE EARTH

It is FREE!!!

Please send me your feedback


Looks good, can’t wait to see the further progress on this.
But I really begin to wonder if your days are longer than ours…


It’s all about finding patterns and simplifying workflows, a lot can be achieved :)


9B1 isn’t on there, I made it.

Im doing EGCC.


Looks fantastic, good work KM!

I have just completed preparing the Qantas Mainline schedules in preparation for Global, which included uploading details of 85 do,estiv and international destinations. Good to see you have a good few of them there!!


Do yall think you guys can do RKSI and VHHH?


I’m surprised DUB isn’t on there, but Donegal is.

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Amazing work!
Eastern Europe is very quiet…especially Poland.
Are you taking requests? Probably not as you have years of work there😄 But anyway…
My in laws are in Szczecin…I would love to do stansted to Szczecin… Just saying…😄

It looks great!
Thank you.

someone should do wellington international airport


NZWN Wellington Intl (New Zealand) or YWEL Wellington (Australia)?

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New Zealand and also christchurch airport would be very nice airports ingame

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Christchurch is currently being worked and Wellington still needs to be done.

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Hi Kilt, I have question and hopefully you can help me? I want to help with developing and editing the airports for global, I’m from Australia and would like to assist with the Australia and New Zealand region. I have registered with GitHub but have no idea how to use it or what to do from here? Any help would be much appreciated thanks.

Nice Kilt, but i ahe a question:
What are these red lines for?

VHHH is being re-done at the moment.

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Looks great Kilt. :)

Look at all those airports in Europe! Can’t wait to fly heaps of real world routes.

The red lines are boundary lines provided by Google in the app. If you have a desire to help edit airports I suggest contacting Cameron or dush19

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It can’t load for me I’m using iPhone 6s a brand new I have received frome Apple after a problem with my previous one , I can only see these