All economy seating on an A380? Thats what this airline was planning!

A one-configuration, 840 economy seated A380!?

Thats right! Today, I’m going to be talking about one of the most hilariously interesting reads I’ve seen in a long time!

So, when you think of an A380 you think of a gigantic plane with many, many seats. However, all of these airlines that operate the A380 have either; Business, economy, or first class, business, and economy. Well, what if you were to fit 840 economy seats on an A380? Thats exactly what Air Austral was planning on doing!

About Air Austral and their ambitious plan

So, as some of you know already, Air Austral is a Réunion-based company that operates flight to Europe, Asia, and Africa. They currently own a fleet of 8 aircraft; 2 being 788’s, 3 being B773’s, 2 more being 738’s, and 1 ATR-72. Not the biggest fleet, but they do have a great choice of wide body aircraft!

Air Austral began plans on purchasing two A380’s a few years back, with an atrocious plan of having at least 840 economy seats! They planned on using this drastic aircraft’s configuration on flights to Paris, which is about 11 hours flight time.

Aircraft Route Flight time
Airbus A380-800 FMEE - LFPG Approx. 11-12 hours

Unfortunately, Air Austral abandoned this plan due to high costs, and the inability to sufficiently plan this route using this aircraft.


Let me know what you think about this, and thanks for looking!

Should’ve they resumed with this aircraft on this route or not?

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  • No!

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Read more about it here:


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I don’t want to witness the absolute horror of an all economy A380…


All economy A380? I don’t think so…


there’s no way they could ever fill an a380 with that many seats


That’s why the Air Austral A380 is in IF!


Haha, that’s what I was thinking! 😂 No wonder they abandoned this plan…

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Yep! That is correct!


There is way to fit 800+ seats in A380 only economy class because business class and first class take a lot more room than economy class does


Might as well get shipped around like cattle.


it would never be a profitable route… you don’t completely fill an a380 as it is lmao… especially from an island in the middle of the indian ocean

@LeonardIF18 that wasn’t the point, i meant like they would never get that many people on a plane that big


Hahaha, yes indeed! 🤣

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Air Austral, maybe not. But other airlines could, possibly if they operated the Seoul Gimpo to Jeju route (world’s most flown route) which had 14 million passengers in 2018.


They did the right choice moving to the 777s for this plan. As much as there is plenty of market on the PAR-RUN market, this would have been overkill.


The only way an all economy A380 would work is on extremely high demand routes like New York to London. These routes are known to be extremely competitive and busy to warrant the need for use of an A380 at all. If they went along, they’d need to get in a fare war (with competitive routes at least) with its competitors, so, they’ll need to sell these seats at low prices, which, in fact, would not make use of it profitable at all.


You have a great point!

But, what if they manage to get a 90% ++ load while giving cheap prices to passengers? They’ll earn a relatively good profit if there really is high demand.

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In a way logically speaking, there is no way an airline would find 853 passengers, willing to depart at the same time on the same flight(considering RUN is more of an O&D port than a connector). It’s writing was already on the wall from the word go.

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If there’s high demand, you bet other airlines would jump in on the gold mine too. Compared to an all economy A380, they wouldn’t need to worry about filling seats. If there’s a fare war, each airline would lower prices to slightly cheaper than competitors, urging travellers to book with them. They can just get little to no profit with a 4 engine (not entirely efficient), huge plane that would need most seats filled up. If the seats don’t fill up, they’ll need to resort to smaller aircraft regardless.

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Maybe they should just use a full eco A35K instead. if they want a both fuel efficient and high density aircraft.


You have a point.

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Possibly, though I’m not sure what you mean by a full eco A350?

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