All data lost

Hey guys, after updating infinite flight to the new version (20.1) yesterday, I launched the game to see that all my data (i.e flight hours, XP & grade) has been lost. Everything has reset to 0 for some reason. I bought a subscription last year December and I enjoyed it and was able to reach grade 2 with a decent amount of XP and flight hours. I havent deleted the app from my device or cleared any data to get this. The weird thing is that when i clicked on my logbook, it shows only like 5 flights that i made this year from early January to now and it says “showing all flights saved on this device.” Additionally, when i clicked the replay tab, i was able to view ALL my flights from this year as well as from last year when i had the subscription. Anyone else has this problem? Im really bummed out because i was soon going to purchase another subscription for this summer.

I’m pretty sure this was an issue yesterday that all the Devs knew about. They were working to resolve it. Your subscription is safe though and your account is to.

May be related to this. Perhaps restarting the device as @schyllberg said here may do the trick


Also, remember. Nothing is losed. It can always be found and staff can work there magic as it is in there system. Don’t worry about that.

Ok nice, thanks for the responce :)

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