All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A

FNF without text:

The sky looks amazing, but to be honest, the ground doesn’t look as high quality as what we have now at close up,…


That’s a you problem then. I got a used iPad Air 2 for $199 off the interwebs.


This might be set at a lower resolution, hence the low background. Alternatively I could be wrong ;)


You are correct; it looks a bit less detailed than the current available version at low altitude. That being said, keep in mind that in the current version we only use 4 different textures (grass, water, urban area and airport boundaries) that do not represent the actual region and are repeated over the entire scenery. Global offers millions of square miles of satellite imagery so we are trading up some resolution for accurate imagery in a large portion of the entire earth.

We do plan on adding more ground detail down the road but it takes time and we are only a small team.


It’s a good thing most of your time spent in the APP is in the air then lol. The terrain is leaps and bounds better than the current RTM. You’ll be amazed!


The views while flying are absolutely amazing :)
Thanks to Philippe and the crew :)


Pretty sure they aren’t spelling anything lol

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Many hours past and I’ve seen many people anxiously waiting haha! I wish that’s once Global is out we have Manchester as in London region :) Then if If my subscription (or the price model yet to be announced) runs out l, I’ll be able to do a short flight like Manchester to Heathrow! Of course this is my opinion. We will just have to wait and find out :)
Don’t take this post like I’m requesting something…
Thanks :)


Yes, this is the new moderator-backed topic.

ohhh ok thannks mate!

OHHH MY GOD! this clearly means that we are almost there.

Don’t get to high hopes, there are always the chances of unexpected bugs.


Doesn’t this mean there will be no center atc in global at all?

Yes you are right! but i hope there arent

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I don’t think so but, global can be out at any time.

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Yes!!! and it will be awesome

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Where is the old one then?

Yours is the 5th time. You do know you can just reply to one of the pictures and others would understand…


Ok sorry I bothered you I will do that next time

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Ahahahahah that would actually be so disastrously funny