All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A

Don’t say that. Nononono.


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While I agree it probably won’t happen, they never specified what news. “News” doesn’t mean a release.


There has been pictures, and announcements, and multiple people working their butt off to get global to us.


Or it could be ‘Thank you all for your patience. We have finished the majority of the work. Only one more year left’ 😅


Who said that an announcement was to come in the next few hours?

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It could really be at any moment.

Just because Laura said that an announcement was to come doesn’t mean you need to start freaking out about it. Please quit saying an announcement will come any moment, it is off topic and does not add to the all confirmed features in global.

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This is an interesting bot invasion.

My old Android / 1.0 Ram would completely lag or screen freeze if I approach too much the airport with a lot of planes. Would be happy if they could fix that, as my new device also gets a bit laggy when facing the same conditions!


I think there’s every plane in IF there.

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I don’t think the 787 is though.


Idk i don’t have the time to look at them all. I saw a few though and they were different

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It’s very nice to see them trying to bring this update to all of us asap 😉


It’s almost as if there trying to draw/spell something with the bots.

With all the confirmed features at the top, the global update is truly going to make Infinite Flight the best flight simulator available on the smaller devices.

Amazing effort by the developers, understand a little about programming so appreciate what goes into it.

Well Done!


The day I see that they have come up with prices for global on here, is the day I feel global is right around the corner.

Until that happens, picture my face as boring as the guy from the “clear eyes, moisturize” commercial


Based on her latest instagram message, it is safe to assume that global will be released by the end of October. However, I think this can only be confirmed once the pricing model has been released. Until then, keep calm and fly on.

I would say it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t Speculate ;)


I would say by the end of summer. I mean they said summer 2017 so technically summer isn’t over but that was a speculative guess so🤷‍♂️


I’ve heard the words “very soon” before…

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I seem to remember, last time they said that announcement would be made ‘very soon’ it was either the same day or the day after
It was either the ‘2016 retrospective’, ‘what is global?’, or ‘when is the update?’


Doesn’t work if you’re broke! 😱😂

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