All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A

Still shows up in the app store for me (ios)

Laura Laban and Phillipe are pioneers in this beautiful sim, they opened gates to so many realms I can see it in the future just how big this will get for infinite flight and the community! Much love and respect from Michigan! See you in the skies ladies and gentlemen!

Its not on mines

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I’m not sure then, but the Google play app doesn’t have it anymore at all

Try searching without simulator

You guys are SOOOO off topic. But…with the 95% chance of Global coming out tomorrow…can’t blame you guys too much. Just a friendly reminder that you are off topic and shall refer to this topic when your hype is level 10.0:

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Just putting this here as a few folk are worried they won’t get it until a few days, on Apple. you can download it manually at anytime


I can’t even get on live at the moment

I bet this topic or the whole community on here is gonna explode tomorrow when global comes out tomorrow

Maybe because they are transferring stuff right now.

Give her a chance eh. 😉


The never active users will rise from the ashes…

What do you mean???

It’s gone off Google play store, now it’s saying my account isn’t found is no one else having these issues

This is not the place. Feel free to create a #support topic :)

Regards, Swayne


They are preparing for the biggest update within IF, ever. Of course there will be server distractions ect ect. Give it a break, take a walk, I don’t know?


In modern English: The IFC users who are never on will explode from the grounds of the IFC and swim joyously across the depths of all topics relating to Global ;)


To add on: And new members will join the great IF community.

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Question: Where are you all getting the time if release? I didn’t see 7:00 posted anywhere.

What do you mean by “update manually”?