All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A

All Confirmed Features in the Global Update and Global Questions Answered

This thread is to be used as a reference for people who are looking to discover every confirmed feature coming in the upcoming Global Flight update.

Lastest Update: The ‘Global Flight’ update has just been released on Apple devices, and is planned to be released on Android within a few days.

All global announcements

A new dawn
April 2016
The first ever global post. Shown on April fools Day, it was a picture of SoCal viewed from space, named Aprilfools.png. At first people were amazed, then they realised the name. Then moderators began hinting that maybe it wasn’t a prank

A new dawn, continued
May 2016
Global flight officially confirmed

2016 retrospective and global flight teaser
December 2016
Global teaser trailer released and multiple features confirmed

What is “Global”?
January 2017
Released at approximately the same time as alpha started

When is the update?
April 2017
Explained imagery and topography levels in detail

Global update progress
September 2017
About a month after beta testing began, revealing lots more 15M satellite imagery

Global update on short final
October 2017
New global trailer and pricing model released as well as final RTM imminent confirmed

Update has been approved!
October 2017
The update is set to be released on Apple devices on the morning of October 11th, 2017.

If you have or had a question about the update on your mind, then you’ve come to the right place!

NOTE: All information below is everything we currently know about the update, and all information is relevant to Global Flight, and nothing else.

Confirmed features and enhancements:

New Liveries

Questions and Answers:

Q: Will Global be free?
A: No.

Q: How much will Global cost?
A: Global pricing:

Name: Infinite Flight Pro - Contains Global, Live, and of the in-app purchases. This means the timeframe is irrelevant to the content - everything is included with every subscription.

1, 6 and 12 month plans

1 months is $9.99 - $9.99 per month

6 months is $49.99 - $8.33 per month

12 months is $79.99 - $6.66 per month

Naturally, the longer the subscription the higher the price, but the better the value.

If you have an existing Live or Live+ subscription, you will automatically be upgraded to Infinite Flight Pro for the remainder of your subscription. You can still purchase new (or additional) Live or Live+ subscriptions until the Global update is fully released, so this is a great opportunity to save a lot of money!

Prices may vary due to app store, tax, and currency conversions.

Q: Can we get a discount on Global?
A: No

Q: Will Global be included with a Live+ subscription?
A: Global will be included with both live subscriptions

Q: When is it coming?
A: No date set at this point.

Q: Will you be able to shut down your engines mid-flight?
A: Yes.

Q: Will we have engine failures?
A: Unless you count fuel exhaustion as one of them, no.

Q: Can I start my engines individually?
A: Yes.

Q: Will Dubai be included?
A: Global means you will be able to fly in every airport in the world. So yes, Dubai, Dallas Fort Worth, Tokyo Narita, whatever airport or region you can think of, it’s coming in Global.

Q: Is the DC-10/MD-11 coming with Global?
A: No. The DC-10 and the MD-11 will be released after the “global” update.

Q: Will I be able to fly infinitely in a Cessna 172?
A: No. Fuel burn calculations for every aircraft are accurate.

Q:Will I have to communicate with ATC during my whole flight?
A: Center will be removed in global V1 - so no, only during departure and arrival.

Q: Will Global be in Solo mode too?
A: Yes, but a Pro subscription is needed.

Q: If I didn’t pay for a Global subscription, will I still have the new terrain?
A: Yes, this update replaces the current terrain and everything else we have now. The only difference is, you will be still limited to regions.

Q: Are there any new planes coming with Global?
A: No, there won’t be any new planes released with this update.

Q: Will there be sloped runways?
A: No. This will possibly be a introduced in later updates.

Q: Will we have dynamic weather such as rain and snow in the update?
A: No. We will have fog and dynamic winds, though.

Q: Will Laura make me a beta tester?
A: What is there to test?

Q: Is there a time lapse feature so I can fly YSSY to KLAX in 30 minutes?
A: No, if you don’t want to fly for 8 hours then don’t fly that route, or leave it while you do something else.

Q:What will happen to regions?
A: For those without a Pro subscription, they will have all features of global except the whole globe. The regions will be new terrain and the same areas, but potentially slightly larger than currently. They will still require a WiFi or cellular connection to stream the terrain. Confirmed here

Q: How much space will this update take up on my phone/tablet?
A: About the same as the current version.

Q: Will Laura answer my PM?
A: Depends on what you said.

Q: What areas will include the high res (15m) satellite imagery?

  • Mexico
  • Canada (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and British Columbia)
  • East Europe/West Russia
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Thailand (90%)
  • China
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Bhutan
  • Caribbeans
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Contiguous United States 48 states (CONUS)
  • Alaska Mainland and Hawaiian Islands, US
  • All of Europe
  • All by North East Corner of Asia
  • All of African continent including Madagascar
  • Select Pacific and Indian Ocean Islands

Q: What about the other areas?
A: “Very low quality at the moment (500m/pixel, looks very blurry) but the topography (elevations) is accurate (between -60 latitude and +60 latitude, and the rest will be flat) and will still have airports to explore.” (Source)

Q: What servers will there be?
A: There will be the same kind of servers as we have now.

Q: When was Global released

A: On Apple, it was released October 11th 2017, exactly 486 years after the Battle of Kappel

Q: How much space will the update take?

A: The app planes to remain about the same size as before.

Q: Wait, so only 1% of players got the update on day one?

A: No, people figured out by just going to the updates and clicking update.

If you have any more questions (that are NOT answered already), feel free to ask a Regular (TL3) or a Moderator in a PM. They will answer your question and add it in here for you.

Good day and Happy landings!


Don’t forget the confirmation button to end a flight so it won’t happen accidentally. Reference here:


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Thank you so much! I feel bad when I see people constantly asking Devs when the update comes out🤦🏾‍♂️


How long does beta usually takes? 1-5 months?


I’d say anywhere from a few days, to a month or two. Depends on how many bugs have slipped through the “Alpha” stage. Will add that question and answer to the original post.


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Anything about Update Gb/Mb Sizes?


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Everything will be streamed directly to you. I highly doubt anyone is willing to download potentially terrabytes of data. Depending on what happens with regions, Global could (probs not with new scenery) be less storage than prior.


Good topic @FlyFi! Like @anon2063420 said, hopefully this cleans up the evolution of Global thread!


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No. The Evolution of Global thread’s purpose was specifically for tracking the development of Global Flight. This thread, on the other hand, is for people’s questions to finally be answered.

It is also to take off stress from the Evolution of Global thread. I’ve seen way too many ask repetitive questions in there, and it leads to everything getting off topic.


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I know you have to pay for global, but is it any extra to play online vs. solo?

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the global subscription will somehow be included in the Live subscription

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I remember Philipe saying something about Live+ will carry over (in some capacity) to global.

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