All Blacks @KSFO 272400ZAUG19

Welcome to “All Blacks”! I’ve always been a fan of the Air New Zealand “All Blacks” livery, and I want to honor it for a flight! The flight with take around 12h and 30m. For more details, please look below. If you would like to be ATC please say so!

Gates A1 - A12

Gate A01 -
Gate A02 -
Gate A03 -
Gate A04 -
Gate A05 -
Gate A06 -
Gate A07 -
Gate A08 -
Gate A09 -
Gate A10 -
Gate A11 -
Gate A12 -

~ No trolling
~ Listen to ATC
~ Stay on flight path

Flight Plan


Cruise alt: FL350
Cruise Speed: M 0.85
Under 10,000: 245 knots
Above 10,000: 290 knots

  • Aircraft and Livery: Air New Zealand “All Blacks” 777-300ER

  • Route: KSFO - NZAA

  • Time of Departure: 2400Z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: Please keep in mind this is very professional and not a time to joke around. SPACING IS NEEDED!

Gates G91-G102 is United territory.

You cannot volunteer for ATC if this is on Expert.

Edit: Fixed!

This Group Flight is taking place in 2 days. According to the rules, group flights must take place in less than 3 hours. If you want to keep this flight on the 29th. You would have to make it in #live:events. However you are TL1. With that being said…

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If you want to, you can have this flight take place in under 3 hours and keep it in #live:groupflights. :)

Oh I mis-read. I though it said it must be MORE than 3 hours until the flight

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Feel free to do the above to avoid thread closure. ;)

Fixed it! Does it look good?

1200Z was earlier today.

Fixed! Look good?

Yeah, 2400Z is 8 PM EST today. Your good. ;)

On a side note, you might want to switch 1200Z to 2400Z in the thread, not just the title. ;)

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Closed at the request of the OP