All BA100 centenary aircraft

Evening all,
I thought I’d share some photo’s I’ve gathered at work at Terminal 5 LHR. Somewhat recently I managed to dispatch and tick off all the newly painted jumbo’s, and the little A319. I thought some of you guys would appreciate a little closer look at the jets, so here they are!

Sent the Landor 747 out to Philly, if I remember correctly.

Only photo I got of the Negus G-CIVB, before making her way to JFK.

Then I think everyones favourite, BOAC G-BYGC, also heading to Philadelphia I think, on a separate day.

Finally, the BEA A319 on 2 separate flights recently. Can’t actually recall the destinations for these 2 photo’s unfortunately. Shame the upper part of the wing wasn’t painted red too!
I hope you all like the photos, have plenty more, but didn’t want to bore.
Happy to answer any questions, if anyone has any.



Nice love BA I draw most of my planes BA

Nice pictures. These are pictures were Some spotters only dream off…
And may I ask What kind of job do you do at LHR?

Beautiful 😍. I love seeing things like this!

I’m a dispatcher for the red, white and blue airline

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Wow! You should post these more often :)

Thanks for sharing.

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Awesome! I love all of those aircraft. I flew on the Landor this summer!

I find it so funny how BA officially lies not only were they actually founded on the 31st of March 1974, in London, United Kingdom but no airline as of this date is even 100 years old and that includes KLM (the world’s world’s oldest airline)!

Wonderful stuff. And honestly, you won’t bore anyone here with them :-)

BA as we know it today was indeed formed in 1974 when the UKs two main airlines, BEA (British European Airways) and BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) merged to form one airline. These two airlines have long histories and themselves were formed by the merging of numerous small airlines. The oldest of these predecessors was AT&T (Air Transport and Travel) which flew it’s first flight from London to Paris, with a single passenger on boad, on the 25th of August 1919.

This is what the BA100 celebrations are about.

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These look amazing, I haven’t even seen this online anywhere. Do you get to see this kind of stuff everyday being a dispatcher there, or is it still a rare occurrence?

Yeah it’s the kind of stuff I’m around on a daily basis. The special liveries are less common than a standard painted 747 of course, but there’s usually at least one of the 3 parked up somewhere when I’m in.

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U are so lucky man enjoy and wish u the best😁

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How did you get there pictures? Do you work on ground?

Yeah, I work in and around the aircraft on their respective flights. Get to see some pretty cool stuff👌🏼

So British Airways isn’t in fact 100 because neither of those is British Airways.

It’s a retro livery livery for BA, as BEA has been out of commission for a while now. I think BA is 45 years old, not sure.

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