All atcs only use one frequency

I think all ATCS on this game should only use one frequency because ive seen people do three frequencys at klax and i get forgotten becuase all 3 frequencys are really busy

I think this is going to be fixed, but it’s not a bug.

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I agree with what your saying. What also needs to happen is people need to learn that if someone else is on another ground frequency… DO NOT USE THE OTHER ONE!!! Just now at KLAX, trying to direct ground traffic and people are going all over the place it was a mess!!

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@Blackbird71 @castle55 i agree with what both of you are saying and as Sean said…should be fixed further down the road…but i guess why some people occupy both ground and tower,if that for ground there’s not many commands to give,whereas with tower there are more,so they feel they can handle both…but your points are valid.

I agree. There also needs to be some kind of dialog between operators as well. Maybe an ATC block of commands only for other ATCs, such as “I,ve got Runways 17, 24R, and 24L - you take 25R, 25L and 36” for example.

But there also needs to be some kind of incentive not only to man an ATC station, but to perform well. Let’s face it , there simply are not enough good ATC’s - when you want them, that is- on the dedicates server. And there are way too many dodgy operators on the playground with varying proficiencies - a mixed bag of nuts mostly. There needs to be a third server. One that rewards operators with XP points and maybe even demerit points - automatically. Then you can feel satisfied for your efforts at the end of an ATC session, others can see your XP and that way you have somewhere to migrate to after you’ve done ‘playing’ in the playground. On this server the pilots should be able to correct ATCs for poor or conflicting calls. There have been many times I have wished I could tell the ATC ‘to check the help pages for help using ATC!’ LOL.

Anyway, point being it is hugely dissointing to not get anything for manning a station and doing the right thing as an ATC in Playground. Where are all the dedicated ATCs anyway? Lately I have been lucky to find one, which forces me to have to use the other server more often than not.