All-American Moonshots!

Recently I have been doing quite a few moonshots. Here are some of my best ones from solo mode, which I recommend for moonshots. they happen to all be American Airlines!

An American Eagle CRJ-900 cruising after departing CLT in the morning.

An early morning departure from CLT by AA’s Astrojet 737-800.

An American 787-9 departing LAX around midnight.

An American Airlines 737-800 blasting out of MEM on a very foggy night.

A 767 in the old AA livery departing JFK in the early evening.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I certainly enjoyed taking them! 😄😁👍🏻😃😉


You sir are a true AMERICAN

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Thanks @N492ED!

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Wow nice pics

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Thanks for the compliment @Armani_B!

No problem keep up the good work 😄👍🏽

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I’m sorry for keeping bumping your old topics, but this is just wow. I love that old AA livery! This picture just shows its natural beauty.

It is 12/10 !

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How can the IFC disapprove of these shots??!!

My favorite shot is picture 2 & 3 with the retro livery and the 787!


Awesome pics! Love moon shots


Thanks a whole lot @Cameron_M and @A320_Flyerboy19!

Congrats on bumping this topic @Aviation2929… 😂